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A MIDI instrument has ports to send and receive MIDI signals, a CPU to process those signals, an interface that lets the user programme it, audio circuitry to make sounds, and controllers.
Some of the features can be lyrics that scroll, playlists, a song library, and screens for editing!
Looking for a free Linking Park MIDI file?
Some MIDI Modules have a Harmonizer and can play and change the pitch of MP3 files.


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Who is Linking Park?

Who Is Linkin Park?


Linkin Park is a rock band from Agoura Hills, California, that is made up of Americans.
Mike Shinoda is the lead singer, rhythm guitarist, keyboardist, and turntablist.
Brad Delson is the lead guitarist, Dave Farrell is the bassist, Joe Hahn is the DJ and turntablist, and Rob Bourdon is the drummer.
Their later music has more pop and electronica sounds.
With their first studio album, Hybrid Theory, they became known all over the world.
The Recording Industry Association of America gave it a Diamond rating.



The Origins of What I've Done

The Origin Of Linkin Park What Ive Done


The first single from the band's third album, Minutes to Midnight, is "What I've Done."


The song came out as a single for radio on April 1, 2007, and as a digital download and CD single on April 2. At the 52nd Grammy Awards.


It was up for Best Hard Rock Performance, but it didn't win.


It is also the main theme of the sci-fi movie Transformers, which came out in 2007.


Sky UK is currently using an instrumental version of the song as background music for their interactive services.


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Listen to What I've Done below.




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