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5 Best Sad Boy Spotify Playlists to Submit Music!

Written by Jabari Banza | Sep 15, 2021 1:54:15 AM


Looking to get your sad boy music heard?


I got you covered!


5 Best Sad Boy Spotify Playlists to Submit to:

Playlist Name Playlist Size
Emo Rap 66,400

Bedroom Bops

Sad Vibes 33,700
Nightvibes Emo Rap 2,500
Sad Music for Broken Hearts 7,900


Not all songs are happy-go-lucky...


Sometimes you just want to hear a nice sad song to get you through your moods.


This is why fans follow sad boy playlists - they discover new music this way.


Here are the 5 BEST sad boy playlists for you to get heard on!


You can easily just select one and then submit it!



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This playlist is for all my side boys out there.


Regardless of why fans you feeling troubled...


Many listeners find resolve in their issues by listening to this emo rap playlist.


You must submit your music here and get hurt by a dedicated audience.


Do you be helping them out but you can gain a couple of new fans!



The playlist is less on the emo side!


However, the songs will pull out the listener's heartstrings!


Any Spotify playlist is the best place to start because the curator has designed & grown it just for an audience that wants to hear touching music.


Be the artist that uplifts their spirits and makes them feel good again through your moody music!





Sad Vibes is a mixture of groovy pop music as well as rap.


Sounds fit any of these descriptions then submit right now to get your music heard today!


People listen to this playlist every single month so you know that there's a bunch of growth waiting on you.



Night vibes emo rap is very similar to sad vibes.


We differ in that night vibes have a darker mood to it...


With the description then submit today!


Tap Below for a free Spotify playlist submission! 👇




Now this playlist is one of my personal favourites.


I listen to this maybe once a week because the songs are just so good!


You should even grow your own Spotify playlist for bonus growth.



Bonus: Top 5 Emo Rap Spotify Playlists to Submit to!


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