Top 40 Music Booking Agents of 2024!

Top 40 Booking Agents

music booking agents to reach out to

Who wants to perform live?


I've compiled the biggest music talent agencies in the music industry!


Whether you're a solo artist seeking local venues, or a large artist seeking talent buyers...


This list has it all. Take your live performances to the next level.


40 best booking agents for music:


Booking Agency Location Genre
Double D Booking Chicago All
Alliance Music Entertainment Chicago All
Duff Entertainment Chicago All
The Billions Corporation Chicago All
Fleet Team Booking Chicago All
Rogue Agency Chicago All
Austin Music Works Austin All
Good Wolf Entertainment Austin All
DRUNKLUCK Records Austin All
Austin Gospel Booking  Austin Gospel
Deep South Productions Greater USA Gospel
Headline Talent Agency New York All
Night Roads Entertainment New York All
Starstruck Productions New York All
Jersey Campfires Production New Jersey All
Ultra Artists New Jersey All
New Dark Entertainment New Jersey All
TSE Entertainment Greater USA Country
Stewart Entertainment Agency Greater USA Country
Paradigm Talent Agency International All
Creative Artists Agency International All
Insomniac Events International All
Anderson Arts Group Las Vegas All
Simply Modern Productions Las Vegas All
AG Entertainment Management Atlanta All
Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Management Atlanta All
Dre Muzik Atlanta Hip Hop
Global Talent Booking International All
Cloud Empire Creative International All
Envasion Management Group International All
Live Jazz Booking Greater USA Jazz
BBA Management and Booking Greater USA Jazz
David Perkoff Music, Inc Greater USA Jazz
AAE Music Greater USA Latin
Booking House Greater USA Latin
Keeled Scales Greater USA Rock
High Road Touring Greater USA Rock
Come and Take It Productions Texas Rock
Pearlsnap Music Group Greater USA Blues
Movinmusic Agency Greater USA Blues


Each booking agent also works as an artist management company, so you should consider working with them all if you can!


Start with a smaller booking agency, then work your way to a larger agency in the future.


Watch the video blot to learn more about getting on booking agents.


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music industry booking agents: Chicago

Chicago Booking Agents


Let's start in Chicago.


Hip-hop always had a place in Chicago, but so did other live performances as well.


Check out the booking agency below and reach out!


If you play your cards right, this artist booking agency may just work with you.



Double D Booking

LocationPO Box 168, Fox River Grove, IL


Phone: (773) 285-117


We're going to start this list with one of the best booking agents in the music industry!


Double D Booking represents the best talent in the Midwest for any event.


They can make packages that fit the needs of any situation and work with our bands to do so.

You can work with Double D Booking to find the right band for any event.


Whether you need a band for a club, a private party, a festival, or a wedding, we can help.


Tap here to visit their website!



Alliance Music Entertainment

Location: P.O. Box 2610 Orland Park, IL 60462


Phone: (630) 294-7132


AME acts are one-of-a-kind bands that have a theme!


If you're a solo hip-hop artist then this may not be for you.


AME has built a strong reputation as a music management and booking agency in Chicago.


Just the way they operate is different: quality is more important than quantity.


It's not a perfect booking agent... But it is not very far off :)


Tap here to visit their website!



Duff Entertainment



Duff and his Entertainment is all about filling stages with great music.


Their live performances are off the hook, in most major cities and regions.


These talent agents will make sure your next event is a success - years of history promoting shows.


The kind of guy you want and need running your event in Chicago.


He has been in the business his whole life, so he knows how to do production, customer service, and management.


Tap here to visit their website!


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The Billions Corporation

Phone: (312) 997-9999



The goal of The Billions Corporation is to help artists and their agents build relationships that will last.


They add a personal touch that most agents skimp out on.


They always tell the truth and treat our clients like adults - rare in the hip-hop booking agency space.


If you think of music as something shallow and easy to throw away, you're setting yourself up for failure...


If however, you're serious - like other artists, you should check out this Chicago booking agency.


Tap here to visit their website!



Fleet Team Booking



Email: (312) 455 1350


Fleet Team is based in Chicago, Illinois, and has been putting together tours of North America for our favorite bands since 2002.


Many artists have worked with this management company:

  • Glass Candy

  • Flosstradamus

  • And many more!


Fleet Team Booking's clients play colleges/universities.


Not to mention large music festivals. 


They're always booking artists for the best music events.


Tap here to visit their website!



Rogue Agency



This creative artists agency is one of the best booking agency firms.


Not only is their roster impressive, but they also search around the world for new bands!


Rogue is a creative agency made up of digital strategists, storytellers, artists, activists, and other people who are moving and shaking in the cultural world.


They handle tours and are interested in your music career as a whole.


Tap here to visit their website!


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biggest music booking agents: Austin TX

Austin Texas Booking Agents


Are you located in Austin Texas and want to set up a tour?


In this case - here are the best booking agents to take you to the next level.


These talent buyers worked with many prestigious artists across Austin.


Austin Music Works

Location: P.O. Box 81145, Austin, TX, United States, Texas


Austin is often referred to as the world's live music capital!


This booking agency doesn't lose to Nashville at all.


Austin is home to over 2,000 musicians and a wide variety of performance spaces.


Austin Music Works is directly affiliated with the city of Austin, so rest assured you're getting paid when working with this booking agent.


The Austin Music Office facilitates connections between local Austin bands of all styles and the organizations that need to hire them.


For artist booking, I assure you they know what they are doing.


Tap here to visit their website!



Good Wolf Entertainment

Location: 8120 Research Blvd., Ste. 105-408, Austin, United States

Phone: (512) 961-6355



Many artists go to Good Wolf Entertainment - and for good reason!


In case you need help organizing a concert or other live musical performance, look no further than these guys.


This booking agent can take a band from obscurity to touring gigs!


Every year, Good Wolf organizes over a hundred different occasions.


And if you think it's only for their A-list roster, that's not true!


Good Wolf Entertainment's events range from large-scale conventions to small-scale gatherings.


Tap here to visit their website!


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DRUNKLUCK was established by music enthusiasts, for musicians.


They're looking to provide musicians with an alternative to the mainstream American music scene.


(Thank god - the booking agent space is not the best right now LOL.)


DRUNKLOCK remains exciting and innovative while remaining deeply rooted in the communities from where its members hail.


This is the booking agent to pick.


DRUNKLUCK employs this strategy in creating our one-of-a-kind, carefully selected events in Austin and beyond.


Tap here to visit their website!




gospel music booking agent list

Gospel Booking Agents


Now, let's say you don't have profanity in your music video...


And you want a booking agent who matches your spiritual beliefs.


Look no further than these Gospel/Christian music booking agency lists!



The Gospel According to Austin Project (Texas)

Phone: (512) 796-4734



Non-believers are fans of gospel music presented with ability and passion.


This booking agency maintains faith in all of its musical events.


The faith-based tour operation adds a personal touch to all live tours.


(Also: Austin claims to be a festival dedicated to pure, unadulterated forms of Gospel music.)


Tap here to visit their website!



Deep South Productions

Phone: (337) 626-2235



Deep South Productions is a high-tech booking agent!


They can provide lighting for everything from intimate gatherings to massive tours of venues.


If your band doesn't want to deal with the headaches which come from music industry booking... You can rely on Deep South Productions.


Chris Stapleton and the like rely on gigs made by a booking agent of this caliber.


We only stock high-quality, industry-standard audio equipment from the most renowned brands for our audio rental services.


Because of the in-depth knowledge, our specialists have of the equipment, you can always count on outstanding audio quality.


Tap here to visit their website!


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New York booking agent list for music!

New York Music Booking Agents


Are you from the Big Apple and need some booking agents?


Here is a list of every top booking agent located in New York!


With the help of these New York booking agents - you'll get to the next level.


Los Angeles doesn't pale in comparison to these tour booking groups.


Tap here to visit their website!



Headline Talent Agency

Phone: (212) 257-6110


Headline Booking Group specializes in getting big-name performers for private parties, corporate events, and fundraising events and putting on live shows.


They don't just talk the talk - they walk it too.


Headline Talent Group is not a booking agency that works with one artist...


But with all of them.


Tap here to visit their website!



Night Roads Entertainment



Night Roads Entertainment Inc. is more than happy to be your booking agency.


They are a talent and artist management company based in New York City, working with some of the most experienced artists on the East Coast.


The Co-head of Night Roads Entertainment will make sure your music tour goes smoothly.


They build and guide the successful careers of the artists they manage.


Looking for tour opportunities?


In that case, this is the booking agent for you!


Regardless of genre, you can start your tour career with Night Roads Entertainment.


Tap here to visit their website!



Starstruck Productions

Location: Starstruck Productions Po Box 171 Cheektowaga, New York 14225

Phone: (716)864-6255



Starstruck Productions has been around since 1974...


This makes them a veteran in the touring world.


Starstruck Productions is the place to go in New York to book the best entertainers in the area.


Shawn Mendes-caliber artists enlist this agent to run their tours and events.


This agent takes pride in working with the most talented and professional entertainers the area has to offer.


All of our artists, whether they are solo singers/guitarists or an 18-piece orchestra, try to put on a professional and entertaining show at every engagement.


I recommend you talk with them to get on their roster.


Tap here to visit their website!



New Jersey music booking agency list

New Jersey Music Booking Agents


New York is fun, but nothing can quite compare to New Jersey for your booking agent!


Artists across the globe host their tours here, this is a great spot for music.


With these agencies, you're allowing yourself the opportunity to get your album heard.



Jersey Campfires Production

Jersey Campfires Production is made to help both fans and bands get involved in the New Jersey music scene!


Artists across the city can use this agent to get heard live FAST.


This agency's main goal is to put on great concerts with local bands that you may or may not know.


Tap here to visit their website!



Ultra Artists

Location: 40 Maple Avenue Morristown, NJ 07960

Phone: (973) 362-0500



TSE has been booking, putting on, and promoting live entertainment events since 1975.


That makes this artist booking agent one of the oldest!


Some of New Jersey's best bands from the 1980s and 1990s are shown on Ultra Artists.

I recommend this agency.


Tap here to visit their website!


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New Dark Entertainment

Phone: (609) 317-4553

Email: 1616 Pacific Ave. Suite 412 Atlantic City, Nj 08401


With its headquarters in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Near Dark Entertainment is a full-service entertainment consulting and booking organization.


These guys regularly contract over thirty Atlantic City venues:

  • Showrooms

  • Lounges

  • Nightclubs

  • Restaurants


They also book famous performers for Atlantic City's annual beer and music festival.


Get your song heard on tours with this agency.


Tap here to visit their website!



country music booking agency list

Country Music Booking Agents


If you have a country band and want to tour, here are the right agencies.


Get your live music career underway today - what's the wait?


Whether it's folk, blues, or pure bluegrass... With these touring agents, you have a shot at getting heard.


Let the world hear your music album.



TSE Entertainment

Location: 13809 Research Blvd., Suite 500 Austin TX 78750

Phone: 800-765-8203



Since 1975, TSE has booked, produced, and promoted live entertainment for fairs, festivals, theatres, corporations, casinos, clubs, weddings, and private parties. 


When it comes to gigs in the country genre... These guys don't play.


TSE is made up of real people from the neighborhood who book local, regional, and famous entertainers. 


And the best part - you make money when your songs show up on their tours.


Tap here to visit their website!



Stewart Entertainment Agency

Phone: (704)-408-2115



The goal of Stewart Entertainment is to help talented artists reach their fullest potential.


If you have some albums coming out that you want to hear... These are your people. 


Stewart Entertainment Agency gives each of its artists the time and resources they need to book, manage, publish, and promote them.


Shawn Mendes-type artists/bands get gigs with these types of agencies.


Our knowledge of the music business, our constant market research, and our ability to use technology help us keep artists and fans more interested.


Tap here to visit their website!



International booking agents

International Music Booking Agents


If you want to tour around the world, you'll need more power.


Here are booking agents that run festivals around the world!


You don't need to be in Los Angeles or San Francisco to get heard.


Whether it's rock or blues, you can take your career global.



Paradigm Talent Agency

Location: 700 N San Vicente Blvd Suite G820 West Hollywood, CA 90069

Phone: 310-288-8000



This is a Los Angeles + Global agency.


Paradigm agency is known for finding and developing culturally important artists!


They have a 30-year track record of helping the artists we work with build successful and creatively satisfying careers.


Not only that - the global team at Paradigm is disciplined, passionate, and focused on creating big opportunities for our clients and partners.


Tap here to visit their website!



Creative Artists Agency

Location: 2000 Avenue of the Stars Los Angeles, CA 90067

Phone: (424) 288-2000



We're at the center of music, and we're committed to staying the world's strongest, most vibrant, and most innovative service company...


Creative Artists Agency is not a run-of-the-mill San Francisco agency.


You benefit more than ever from this collaborative approach, as they try to build their careers and brands across many different fields and platforms.


With a global network of employees and strategic partners in:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • And other places


CAA uses its unmatched internal and external ecosystem to push you to your limits.


Tap here to visit their website!


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If you're an artist that's more on the DIY world domination side...


Then Insomniac may just get you the gigs you're looking for.


They're plugged into the culture based on music, art, and friendship that flourished in the Los Angeles industrial warehouses.


Inspired by the urge to share ideas and learn new things, Insomniacs come together to construct something greater than themselves.


Tap here to visit their website!



Las Vegas: biggest music talent agencies

Las Vegas Booking Agents


Now let's sip Los Angeles and head down to Las Vegas!


(It's always better in Vegas according to... everyone.)


Calvin Harris and other big-name artist bands are known to do large gigs in Vegas.


Regardless of genre, get your songs played at huge career-changing world gigs in Vegas.



Anderson Arts Group

Phone: (702) 562-2809

Email: (702) 562-2809


Anders Andersen Arts Group is a company in Las Vegas, Nevada that promotes and books shows. 


They give clients an experience that goes above and beyond what they expect.


Bands walk out with a totally different music career.


Anderson Arts Group's artists go all over the world to put on shows that people will never forget!


They take care of every part of the booking process, from the first question to the last curtain.

Your bands will notice a career shift.


Tap here to visit their website!



Simply Modern Productions

Phone: (503) 409-0361



All bands should work with Simply Modern Productions at least once.


Since 2014, its goal has been to provide unique entertainment with a new and creative point of view. 


As a small business run by a family... business is personal for these guys.


They really take care of the gigs and roster. You're in good hands.


Tap here to visit their website!



music booking agents in Atlanta

Atlanta Booking Agents


Atlanta is all about gigs!


Whether it's blues, hip-hop, or rock - Atlanta has room for all.


In the world space, they are still up there.


Submit your music and set up a booking deal today.


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AG Entertainment Management

Location: 4567 Rockbridge Road #363Pine LakeGA30072

Phone: (404) 221-9277



AG Entertainment Management (AGEM), whose main office is in Atlanta, Georgia, is a full-service company that manages artists.


They get you gigs and let the world hear your album live.


We have the tools to represent a wide range of musical styles, including hip-hop, rap, pop, Christian, jazz, and rock.


Search their website and you'll see the full roster!


Not only that, but AG Entertainment can also help record labels, publishing companies, and production companies that are already up and running.


Tap here to visit their website!



Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Management

Location: 3826 Harts Mill Ln, Atlanta, GA 30319, USA

Phone: (678) 467-8263



One of the best full-service entertainment companies in Atlanta is Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment.


They get bands heard around the world.


Our professionals work hard to bring in some of the best talents in the area, whether it's live music or other types of entertainment.


Whether it's folk or rock - get your songs performed live today.


Blue Sky Atlanta would love to help make your event a success, no matter what it is.


Tap here to visit their website!



Dre Muzik



Dre Muzik is an independent agency that helps artists with their music careers.


Services provided by Dre Muzik:

  • Brand management

  • Artist development

  • Consulting

  • Marketing

  • Promotional service

  • Entertainment services.


Their network of professionals has worked with big names in the entertainment industry for more than 40 years.


If you want your songs/album heard across the globe on Spotify... I got something for you.


Tap here to visit their website!



music festival booking agents

Music Festival Booking Agents


Bands without festivals are like peanut butter without jam.


Here are the best world festival organizations.


This form of booking agency will get you to rock festivals, EDM, rap, and more!


Since touring is such a large industry in the world, your bands must get there at least once.


Tap here to visit their website!



Global Talent Booking

Location: 9107 Wilshire Blvd Suite 450, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA

Phone: (310) 272-7118



Global Talent Booking is one of the most well-known booking agents in the world and has a huge reach around the world. 


They help rock, folk, and other similar genres.


Global Talent Booking helps clients in more than 30 countries all over the world buy, book, and get talent advice. 


From festivals to concerts to small private events to filling a stadium...


They can take care of all your booking needs.


Tap here to visit their website!



Envasion Management Group

Phone: 514 274-2099



Envasion Management is an artist management and cultural production organization that works with artists, productions, and organizations that push the limits of music and other art forms.


This form of agency helps you get heard around the world.


Not just country or rock, but even hip-hop and EDM songs as well!


Envasion thinks that everything starts with a vision and that anything is possible if a plan is made and a group of passionate people is organized to support that vision.


If you have albums needing to be heard... These are your guys.


Tap here to visit their website!



Jazz music booking agents

Jazz Music Booking Agents


Hey... Ya like Jazz?


Many fans do, and that's why these agencies will get your jazz albums heard through live gigs!


Here are the world-class jazz music agencies.


These can help promote your bands and book them too.



Live Jazz Booking

Location: Mozartstrasse 43A 22083 Hamburg Germany

Phone: (520) 436-8960



Live Jazz Booking is based on the idea that it should help individual artists and promote the jazz community!


The organization helps both the artists and the people who put on music events make them a success and help the artists grow in the future.


These booking agents are no joke.


Tap here to visit their website!



BBA Management and Booking

Location: 12400 State Hwy 71 #350, Austin, TX 78738

Phone: (512 )477-7777



We are a national company that has been buying talent and hiring musicians since 1973.


We are based in Austin, Texas.


At the moment, BBA hires musicians for niche market venues that need A-list musicians.

Booking agents such as BBA don't come so easily!


BBA Management has contracts with places where concerts and plays are held to provide orchestras and individual musicians for the side.


Not only that - they also provide music for private parties and business events.


Tap here to visit their website!


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David Perkoff Music, Inc

Phone: (512) 458-3400



David Perkodd Music is a national company that has been buying talent and hiring musicians since 1973.


At the moment, they hire musicians for niche market venues that need A-list musicians.


David Perfkoff has contracts with places where concerts and plays are held to provide orchestras and individual musicians for the side.


They also provide music for private parties and business events.


Tap here to visit their website!



Latin music booking agents

Latin Music Booking Agents


If you make Latin music, have no fear.


I did not forget about you just yet!


Here are the best Latin booking agents in the music industry.


They can help Spanish-speaking musicians get gigs and perform live at all times of the year.


Tap here to visit their website!



AAE Music

Phone: 1 (800) 698-2536


AAE Music is the best in the business when it comes to hiring talent for private shows, corporate entertainment, and events for charities.


Dedicated agents will help you with every step of the process of booking an artist.


The event we had with Chris Mann went very well. We were running late, but Chris was very helpful, kind, and professional.


Tap here to visit their website!



Booking House

Phone: (905) 755-1927



Booking House Inc. has brought world-class entertainment to more than 50 countries.


They provide a wide range of artists to people who want to get booked.


Everyone on the BHI team takes pride in making sure that every client has the most professional, reliable, and memorable entertainment possible!


If you don't hire the right entertainment for an event, people will forget it quickly.


No matter how well they do, it's just another event without a hit show.


Tap here to visit their website!


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Rock music Booking agency list

Rock Music Booking Agents


If you make rock music then here are some world-class gigs!


Rather than folk, rock requires more technical support.


This is why you may need a booking agency more tailored toward this specific genre.

Not to mention...


You'll make more money this way.


Here are the best rock music booking agencies.


Tap here to visit their website!



Keeled Scales



Two musicians who were friends and lived in Austin, Texas, came up with the idea for Keeled Scales...


And then it became a world-class booker for rock bands.


They are professionals who help artists book live shows.


Tap here to visit their website!



High Road Touring



High Road Touring is a booking agency whose goal is to help live music careers grow and get better.


These bands that work with them are pretty high-profile!


High Road Touring is driven by hard work, courage, a strong sense of right and wrong, and the belief that things will keep getting better and that good will win out in the end.


Tap here to visit their website!



Come and Take It Productions



Anthony Stevenson established Come and Take It Productions in 2009.


They help bands tour around the world.


Come and Take Its main goal is to assist booking companies and national musicians in securing scheduled tour dates.


Not just that - they also provide aspiring Texas musicians with the chance to build their résumé by having them open for bigger events.


Tap here to visit their website!



best blues music booking agency list

Blues Booking Agents


Let's get you booked for blues gigs!


Join a roster of talented country artists - the movers and shakers.


Where do you want to play your new album single, or just want to jam...


With these blues agents, you're in good hands.


Tap here to visit their website!



Pearlsnap Music Group



Pearlsnap is a great blues, folk, and country booking agent.


Country singer and songwriter Julie Nolen started Pearlsnap Music Group in 2018.


The full-service company helps with hiring talent, managing productions, and running stages.


Check them out for your bands.


Tap here to visit their website!



Movinmusic Agency



Mike Hellier started Movinmusic a booking agency in the UK that specialises in blues music.


then... It became one of the top world-class booking agents.


They get bands like you on stage to tour the world.


If you want to search for gigs, you can do so here.


Tap here to visit their website!


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