Submit Music to Florida Radio Stations!

Submit Music to Florida Radio Stations

get your music heard on Florida radios!

Submit your music to Florida radios is a great way to get your music heard even if you don't believe it's ready for the big time just yet.


Contact these FL stations... Who knows what can happen?


You should submit to radio stations to get heard!


Many people listen to the radio and use it as a means to search for new artists.


Many well-known performers got their start when they submitted a demo to a Florida radio station that played their song.


The radio station is how Lil Uzi got signed!


With so many people always sending in new music, however, it might be difficult to be noticed.


Here are some guidelines for submitting your music to stations in Florida to get you started.

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Top 10 Florida Radio stations to submit music to

Top 10 Florida Radios


Radio is non-interactive compared to other music consumption mediums.


Your song on Spotify playlists means that it can be skipped...


That's the beauty of radio - you don't need to search for a good artist.


Airplay is a sustainable form for an artist to get heard around the world.


Top 10 Florida radio stations:

  1. WiLD 95.6 - West Palm Beach, FL
  2. Mix 100.7 - Tampa, FL
  3. 97.9 KISS FM - Jacksonville, FL
  4. Rumba 100.3 - Orlando, FL
  5. V101.5 - Jacksonville, FL
  6. Mia 94.3 - West Palm Beach, FL
  7. Y100 Miami - Miami, FL
  8. 103.5 The BEAT - Miami, FL
  9. Magic 107.7 - Orlando, FL
  10. US 103.5 - Tampa, FL


When you access air-play from these stations then you're in for something good!


There are lots of exposes that come with this form of media.


Regardless of genres (jazz, hip hop, country, etc.)


Compared to the internet, an artist with radio exposure gets more notability.


You should also submit to Get on Sirius XM today!


This artist can parlay this into a record deal.


That's why a Florida radio submission is so valuable.


Do you make good music?


Want to get your music on active & relevant playlists that actually get results? 


Get your music heard now 👇


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Research all the Florida radio stations (hip-hop, pop, etc.)

Research Florida Radios


Do some digging to find out which stations are playing in Florida before you start sending them your songs.


Orlando and Miami have different stations.


Because of this, you'll need different music submissions.


Upload the right artist track depending on genre.


Depending on the kind of music you make, you may send your creations to the appropriate stations.


The DJs and program directors that host radios have different tastes, so it's also a good idea to learn as much as possible about them before submitting.


You may submit your song with more confidence after doing your homework.


The number of radios available in Florida is constantly expanding, and many of them have devoted fan bases.


Pandora, iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, and Spotify are just a few examples of online radio.


You can submit music to Florida-themed hip-hop Spotify playlists as well!


A playlist music submission is no different.


More and more people, particularly young people, are tuning in to college radios.


As independent musicians, you must get individual songs on as many channels as you can.


Send personalized emails when submitting music

Most stations need electronic submissions, so prepare to send an email when you submit your song.


The better your music submissions are, the higher the chance your submitted song can get on a Florida radio station.


Sound Exchange is a great way to mail and upload your track.


It is here that you will introduce yourself to the DJ, discuss your music, and ask to be included in the broadcast.


It's crucial to send individual emails to each DJ, even when you're contacting a large number of them.


Here's what you need for your song when you submit it to Florida Radios.

  • Small file size
  • Radio edit
  • High broadcast quality


Your tracks will stand out more if your communications include a personal touch.


You don't have to write a book, but any effort to tailor your message would be much appreciated.


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Use the Rapville platform to get on the radio!



RAPVILLE is a tool that helps artist monetize and market their music through the power of radio play.


RAPVILLE allows artists to get their music in front of over 60 radio stations worldwide.


No more emails being ghosted by busy radio DJs, no more waiting weeks for a reply.


At the time of writing this review, their network gives you the opportunity to read approximately 2 million listeners worldwide.

And the best part is, it’s risk-free.


If you don’t get a response from radio stations in 7 days, they give you your money back, guaranteed.


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Don’t give up!

Getting your music heard by the masses may be a lengthy process.


It's crucial to have an optimistic attitude since you may have to wait a while before seeing results.


Independent artists already know the struggle to get in general rotation on a radio station.


Other you make pop, hip hop, rock or country music...


You need to get your original work to new listeners in any way too can.


Whether it's CD, playlist submissions, radio airplay, or other genres.


You never know what will happen if you keep sending your songs to Florida radios!


The world wants to hear good music.


Those listening to your music might include powerful people or a vast number of people.


Get feedback in your submissions, so you know your sound is worth broadcasting airplay.


Search and contact the station and upload your track!




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