Sex on Fire Lyrics (Kings of Leon)

Sex on Fire Lyrics

Sex on Fire Lyrics:


Lay where you're layingDon't make a soundI know they're watchingThey're watching
All the commotion
The kiddie-like playHas people talkingThey're talking
YouYour sex is on fire
The dark of the alleyThe breaking of dayHead while I'm drivingI'm driving
Soft lips are openThem knuckles are paleFeels like you're dying
You're dying
YouYour sex is on fire
ConsumedWith what's just transpired
Hot as a feverRattling bones
I could just taste itChased it
But it's not foreverBut it's just tonightOh, we're still the greatestThe greatestThe greatest
And you
Your sex is on fire
YouYour sex is on fire, ah, ahConsumedWith what's just transpired
And youYour sex is on fire
ConsumedWith what's just transpired



Sex on Fire meaning

Sex on Fire Meaning


Sex on Fire is a song describing one of the most passionate and amazing experiences: sex.


By analyzing the track, we can see that the author is narrating a story where it sounds like they are doing it on the ground somewhere, and he is making sure that it is safe for them to move and get dressed without being discovered.
He goes into detail about the passion and leaves a stark remark that compares orgasms to death.
He compares their sexual encounter to a fever and a fire, among other comparisons.
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