Top 10 Record Labels In Philadelphia

Philly Record Labels

Best Philadephlia Record Labels To Send demos!

Here are the best record labels in Philadephia!


Top 10 Philadelphia Record labels:

  1. Boost Collective
  2. Skylyne Music Group
  3. Illadel All Stars
  4. Know Hope Records
  5. Siltbreeze Records
  6. Relapse Records
  7. Philadephia International Records
  8. Rotation Records
  9. 1K Recordings
  10. TribeSound Records


The Philadelphia region has been home to a robust industry of recording studios and record businesses!


For more than a century, Philadelphia has been the origin of the American "record" industry.





#1. Boost Collective

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#2. Skylyne Music Group

SkyLyne Music Group

Skylyne Music Group provides full-service:
  • Music production
  • Booking
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Social media management
  • Photography & videography.
Emma Larson, Brightbill, Dutch Criminal Records, and more are among the artists included.
Chris Arencibia created the firm in 2017 and it is presently situated in New York City, with a history of music production and booking services.
It is the first service of its sort in the US market for music aficionados.
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#3. Illadel all Stars

Illadel All Stars

Address: 103 S Main St, Glassboro, NJ 08028

Phone: (856) 577-7907


Illadel All Stars is a company whose goal is to make music that sounds like it belongs in the 21st century.
They want to make Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, Pop, and Afro-Cuban music that is the best in the world.
Because they have a large network of top music industry professionals and a wide range of skills.
They can work with artists at any point in their careers.
This is important when seeking a Record Deal!
Illadel has worked with major labels like Universal Music Group and Def Jam Music as well as smaller independent production companies!
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#4. Know Hope Records

Know Hope Records


Know Hope Records is a Philadelphia-based indie musical label.
Know Hope is a labour of love that began in 2015 by friends who shared a love of all things music.
Their preferences are diverse.
They attempt to release music that we enjoy, and are enthusiastic about each and every release that we work on.
They collaborate with our roster to help them in whatever manner!.
Milkmen, Mosey, Rich People, and more artists have signed.
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#5. Siltbreeze Records 

Siltbreeze Recordings


Siltbreeze Records began in 1987 as a self-published music magazine!
It grew two years later into one of Philadelphia's most prolific independent record companies.
Siltbreeze's albums span the spectrum of underground rock, from psych to punk to garage.
Pink Reason, Halo of Flies, A Handful of Dust, and others are among the bands performing.


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#6. Relapse Records

Relapse Records


Relapse Records, one of the major independent Philadelphia record companies.
This record label was formed in 1990 by Matt Jacobson and specializes on heavy metal music.
The label currently has operations in countries such as Japan and the Netherlands.
There are several bands signed, including:
  • Alabama Thunderpussy
  • Angel of Decay
  • S U R V I V E
  • And many more


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#7. Philadelphia International Records

Philadelphia Recordings
Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff, songwriting and producing partners, formed Philadelphia International Records in 1971.
It was recognised for exhibiting the Philadelphia soul music genre (also known as Philly soul).
It was established on the time's gospel, doo-wop, and soul music.
Throughout the 1970s, the label had a succession of global singles that included extravagant symphonic music, strong bass, and driving percussion.
Between 1971 until the early 1980s, the label issued over 170 gold and platinum albums.
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#8. Rotation Records

Rotating Records


Location: 204 Dekalb St Norristown, PA 19401
Phone: (484) 231-8202
Joe Staiber and Tom Jensen founded Rotation Records in 2010.
Rotation Station was created with the goal of creating a creative and accessible professional grade facility that was affordable for the ordinary artist.
Services are now available for all elements of artist development.
Rotation Productions can assist you with producing high-quality material for marketing, video content, internet content, interviews and more!
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#9. 1K Recordings

1K Recordings
Location: 1362 Crease Street Philadelphia, PA


The label's emphasis is on high-quality music, as well as gorgeous artwork, design, and packaging.
Physical versions are distributed via:
  • The 1k Recordings Bandcamp store
  • Select Philadelphia record stores
  • Digital downloads (iTunes)
  • Streaming platfotms
  • and live performances by the artists.


For certain editions, 1k has also released hand painted gatefold covers/signed/numbered CD limited editions.
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#10. TribeSound Records

TribeSound Records


Location: 116 W Gay St, West Chester, PA 19380

Phone: (484) 502-5150


TribeSound Records is a high-end record label and recording studio in West Chester, PA, just outside of Philadelphia.
They have two professional studios that are both fully equipped.
TribeSound also does production, publishing, and music video production.
TribeSound is proud of how well they know our equipment, how hard they work, and how much they want to make great music.
Not only do they love making great recordings in our studio...
But it's also important to us that every session with a client is a great one.
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With this list, now you can submit to record labels in Philadelphia.

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