Apple Music Album Promotion: Complete Guide!

Apple Music Album Promotion

the best Apple Music album promotion

Are you an independent artist looking to promote your album on Apple Music?


If so, you’ve come to the right place!


This blog post will provide you with the information and strategies you need to get your music heard on Apple Music.


We’ll cover these topics:

  • The benefits of using Apple Music to promote your album
  • How to create an effective promotion plan
  • The best course to help you get the results you want


Plus, we’ll tell you how to get your album on Apple Music for free and provide some tips for effective Apple promotion.


So let’s dive in and get started!


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Read This Before Promoting An Album:

So there is a lot when it comes to music promotion for your album.


Even if your album has a consistent theme that does not mean that the song elements will be similar. 


Even the best Apple Music Promotion will have differing results based on track.


The songs can range in terms of emotion and overall vibe for the track.


Some albums have interludes and demo songs that don’t really fit on the playlist versus if you listen to it from the beginning.


You should try to promote music on a case-by-case basis based on budget and music style.



Spotify vs Apple Music: Promotion Differences

Spotify vs Apple Music


The best Apple Music promotion differs a lot from Spotify music promotion.


For a thriving music career, you must grow on BOTH streaming services.


For starters, Apple Music promoting your album can be a great way to sell your track.


While it's HARDER to promote music on Apple, the results can be fruitful.


Apple Music is one of the highest-paying streaming platforms!


This means the ROI from good Apple Music promo is huge - compared to other streaming services like YouTube Music and Spotify.


While the Apple Music toolbox for the promo is weaker than Spotify...


If you know how to advertise then you'll be fine.


Major labels do most of their Apple Music promo through digital marketing methods like FB ads.


Why? Because Apple Music users are loyal as hell.


The barrier of entry in Apple Music promotion makes this a very appealing platform in the music industry.


Every time you get an Apple Music promo, you can rest assured that the song will be repeated and listened to!


You need to leverage the Apple Music badge and smart promo to get out there.


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5 Ways to Promote an Album on Apple Music:

Now that I have you the basics on the Apple Music promo, let's hop into the meat and potatoes.


There are many ways to promote music, you just need to do it outside of the platform.


Without Spotify's powerful algorithm and extensive library, how many listeners you get will result from YOU!


Here are a few methods to push your new music out there.



#1. Apple Music Playlists

Apple Music Playlists


In the music business, playlists have always been powerful.


There is a variety of Spotify and Apple Music playlists to which you can submit your music.


You can also create your playlists and share them with your followers.


I admit that Spotify is the king of Playlist placements - Apple Music is not horrible.


The public playlists don't list numbers but with 80 million users... The best Apple Music hip-hop playlists will still yield.


Do some playlist submissions today!


You can easily start running ads to your Apple Music playlists and see growth.


It's a longer digital marketing effort, but even major labels do this so you know it's worth it!



#2. Run a Giveaway contest

Host A Music Giveaway


If you have a budget and large social media platforms, you can get good ROI from contests!


You can have people create content for your tracks and pre-save your Apple Music tracks.


This can boost your music performance by an insane amount, and help you as an emerging artist.


From all digital marketing, content has always been known to have virality.


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#3. Get Radio Airplay

Get Your Song Radio Ready


Lots of radio stations have engaged listeners!


Streaming services have helped emerging artists a lot, but songs displayed through radio stations are effective.


Music reach is lower, but engagement is higher overall.


Users pay thousands on music promotion, may as well split some here too.


Not only that, radio can help you make money - in conjunction with Apple Music royalties.




#4. Use Apple Music Badges

Apple Music Badges


How many listeners you get in your Apple Music for Artists depends on your ability to get traffic.


Fortunately, your Apple Music link isn't all you have.


Most artists aren't aware that iTunes/Apple Music promotion includes badges.


Once you get music on Apple, you have a wide array of promotional materials.


This will you in marketing communications and turn your music reach into streaming royalties.


These are just some of the benefits of using Apple Music to promote your album.


With the right strategies and a little bit of effort, you can make the most of this powerful platform.



#5. Run ads to your Apple Music link

Run Music Ads


This is one of the best ways to generate social buzz and new fans.


Major labels leverage ads like crazy for their Apple Music promotion efforts since it works so well.


When setting up your ads, make sure it's set to ONLY iOS devices and you're solid.


Have the destination link to your music on Apple, NOT a LinkTree.


For proper Apple Music promotion, you cannot allow any friction.


Unlike Spotify, there is no algorithm so growth is linear.


Don't use your embed code, QR codes, or even shortened URL for your ads, because FaceBook may mark that as spam.


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Essentials for Effective Apple Music Album Promotion

When it comes to promoting your album on Apple Music, there are several strategies you can use.


Want your artist's name to become known?


You don't need an Apple Music playlist to gain fans.


Here are ways to win on Apple Music for Artists:


But here are some essentials you NEED to get right for your Apple Music promo to go right.



Have a professional public profile

Build a Brand Presence


You need to create an artist profile that looks professional.


This is a non-negotiable for Apple Music promo... Or to promote music in general.


Your profile is the first thing that potential listeners will see when they search for your music!


If you tap your Apple Music link and see crappy album art, what will they think?


That your music is crappy too!


Humans do judge the book by its cover, so get good press photos.



Update your Apple Music for Artists frequently:

This isn't something that you easily set and forget.


The marketing materials on your Apple Music business profile need to be updated a lot.


Make sure it includes all the important information, such as release dates and upcoming shows.


This is digital marketing 101 here, but many emerging artists skip this!



Share your music on social media. (A lot.)


Sharing your music on social media is a free way to reach new listeners.


Make sure to use relevant hashtags and engage with your followers.


Reach out to influencers as a way.


Connect with influencers that align with your music. They can help you reach a larger audience and increase your visibility.



How to Get Your Album on Apple Music for Free

Claim Your Apple Music Artist Account


If you don’t have the budget for Apple Music promotion services...


There are still ways to get your music on the platform for free!


Use a free digital distributor. 


Not every digital distributor will charge you an arm & leg to get on Apple Music.


Boost Collective can get your music on Apple for FREE within a week!


Make sure to research different distributors to find the one that’s right for you.




Promoting your album on Apple can be a great way to get your music heard.


With the right strategies and a little bit of effort, you can make the most of this powerful platform!


We’ve covered the benefits of using Apple Music to promote your album, strategies for Apple Music promotion, creating an Apple Music, and how to get your album on Spotify for free.


Plus, we’ve recommended the best service to help you promote your album on Spotify.


With this information in hand, you’re ready to get started on your Apple Music promotion.


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