Make a Mix Tape Online in 2024

Make your mixtape online

Online vs. offline mixtape creation

It's 100% possible to make a mixtape totally online.


How can I make a mixtape?


In the past, mixtape songs had to be made SOLELY on whatever system you have. You needed a DAW to record your verses and had to mix the tracks on your digital audio workstation.


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Making mixtapes digitally


Fortunately, it's easier than ever to make a mixtape online.


You can create tracks for your next mixtape using modern tools!


Make your mixtape music sound better

The most important aspect is that all top mixtapes have good sound.


How can I make my mixtape sound better?


The music should either have a great mix or a great record. Harmony is everything for your mixtapes, without it nobody will listen to the music or be added to their playlist.


Each site provided below helps you not only record the best tracks but also create your mixtape with the highest quality.


They have free versions but I suggest you purchase the premium versions on each website.


This unlocks more music tools to create awesome mixtapes but also allows your songs to shine!


Here are 4 tips to get the best music for your mixtape:

  1. Use a nice preamp when you record songs for your mixtape
  2. Mix your mixtape songs with high-fidelity monitors/headset
  3. Record your mixtape songs with a proper microphone
  4. Get an engineer to help mix your mixtape music


Mixtape pics


Since you can create mixtapes on the digital web - you should still use a USB as virtual storage for your tracks.


This way in case something happens with your mixtape website subscription or if your computer is bust, You can still access your Music.


It's better to be safe than sorry with your mixtapes!


3 Best Tools to make a mixtape online

Now that you know it's possible to make a mixtape online, here are the best mixtape-creating tools!


(Note, with these free mixtape software can make tracks of all types - not just a mix tape.)


The 3 best website services to make a mixtape are:

  1. AudioSauna - free trial mixtape maker
  2. Soundation - free mixtape maker
  3. LoopLabs - create loops for your mixtape


Mixtape tools


How to make a mixtape (fundamentals)

To make a mixtape you need to understand a few important things.


Can I sell my mixtape?


The number one thing about mixtapes is that you have to release it for free. This means that you can't sell your mixtapes on streaming services such as Spotify.


That being said, for mixtape tracks that are originally yours and you have sample clearance - feel free to upload them on a streaming website.


Digital rights for samples and all stem tracks NEED TO BE CLEARED first.


Dont get sued

The last thing you want is to make a mixtape just for your music to end up getting sued!


Releasing mixtapes in 2021

To make a mixtape is one thing... But promoting mixtapes is a whole different battle.


Just because you can create a mixtape does not mean that people are going to listen!


Just search on SoundCloud and you'll see thousands of mixtapes that have less than 1000 plays.


Getting it on YouTube playlists and having it appear on search is the goal!


Since some of the songs you create on your mixtape, you cannot monetize on - playlist and search will be a great way to promote it.


I find that the Facebook group's community will give it a little bit more of a push.


Even getting a feature on a blog post can allow you to get new people on your track.


Not to mention the classic SoundCloud mixtape release!

Soundcloud mixtapes


Psssst! Here are the 12 BEST sites to upload your mixtape!


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