Best Custom CD Sleeves for Your Album!

Custom CD sleeves

Pricing for music cd dvd

Before ordering custom jackets CD DVD, you need to understand the economy of a custom printed cd DVD.


Firstly, your custom printed CD jackets are based on a volume economy.


The more custom CD DVD you're printing - the more of a bargain you can get for the same quality of service!


Value economy


It's important to look at the price of each company.


Some cd jackets distributors will charge more to customize the packaging.


Another service may charge more for printing in full colour.


Each professional service you find online will have a different service.


It's important to know what you want so that you can price compare each service well.


Here are the main attributes that impact the CD DVD price:

  • CD DVD Disk printing cost
  • Cd jackets artwork cost
  • Artwork quality
  • Size of your order
  • The complexity of your artwork cover colors
  • Number of CD jackets Available
  • Packaging and manufacturing costs


CD sleeve pricing factors


Since most services require a minimum order - strive to promote your music all over the media first to bring in Hype!


Nothing is worse than getting a huge order size of CD DVD... Just for your fans to not be ready.


CD jacket printing is a good way to promote an album.


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Custom printed cd sleeves quality

If possible - you should also get the CDs printing done online as well.


The quality of CD DVD burning and the time you save is worth the price!


Not every company will fulfill the same cover in the same way.


Especially if they want high-gloss UV coating CD jackets!


The UV coating allows the artwork to not fade from the sun.


This means the CD jacket will last longer and your fan can enjoy it for much longer!


Please look at the options and invest in the UV coating.



CD sleeve UV coating



CD jackets services

There are many custom CD jackets services out there!


I'll show you the top cd sleeve jacket printing companies.


View the options and pick which company do you feel is the best for you!


Here are the top custom CD DVD sleeve companies:


Custom CD sleeve services




Need-to-know about custom cd sleeves

Please note that to get a great design, be ready to look through many companies.


They all create their professional album sleeves in different available styles.


Also sometimes the customer might expect the sleeve to come with a special matte gloss, or plastic wrap on top - those options may not be available.


Please be patient with the distributors, it's worth it to call them for any stock order issues.


Buy a small stock quantity what do you think is the best or most popular CD jacket order company.


Give the company reviews on the print and coating quality.


If you message them via. e-mail it's not too late for them to give you another order if the first one is not what do you need.


There's a lot of money involved - It may also be worth it to wrap the content yourself.


You also may need to order the design different popular service than where you get the disk it might be worth.


The design just needs to be great, it doesn't necessarily need to be the same content as the album cover.


Best design that you like so that when the customer close the CD jacket they'll have a great experience!


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