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Music Writing Software

Benefits to music writing software

When writing music you'll need music notation software as a tool!


Doesn't matter how tech-savvy or tech incompetent you are...


Unless you're leveraging the help of music composition software you're holding yourself back.


The truth is, digital sheet music is better for these reasons:

  • You don't have to pay for sheet music
  • You can attach MIDI files when you compose music
  • Writing music is much faster when using the best music writing software

Digital Notation benefits


The fact that you're saving both time and money when using music notation software isn't a small thing.


Even the most basic music notation software absolutely crushes writing music on paper.


You'll need some free music notation software to take your sheet music skills to the next level!


Trying to create sheet music by hand requires so much paper and is wasteful. Plus it sucks for collabs.


the London Symphony Orchestra uses digital music composition tools!


That's why I recommend you use some of the best music notation software on the market when writing music.


And the best part is… Every music notation software is completely free!


Top 5 music notation software

Here is a list of the top 5 free music notation software:

  1. MuseScore
  2. NoteFlight
  3. Notion 6
  5. Forte

Music Notation Software


Even among the best music writing software, you're going to see minute differences in how you work it.


For example: some music composition software are better at inputting notes whereas some have better playback in auto layout systems.


Make sure you try all of these free music notation software out and can get a good grasp on which works for you.


When you find the best music writing software for you, that doesn't mean you have to stick to just one.


The best songwriters compose music using more than one music-writing software!


It's just a difference of personal preference.


#1. MuseScore (Music notation software review)

MuseScore Audio Notation Software


Muse score is a music writing software that I recommend first.


Even the name is a merger between Music and score.


The greatest thing about this free music notation software is the fact that there's a community where you can connect with other musicians completely free.


MuseScore has an intuitive interface and you can input virtual instruments of any kind:

  • Violin
  • Piano
  • Guitar


The fact that this is completely free is killer!


What makes MuseScore one of the best music writing software is the fact that you can add plug-ins.


They are free download plug-ins that help you in so many ways:

  • Note entry tools
  • Import midi
  • Additional virtual instruments


All the features you'll need are available to you!


If you're ready to use the best free music notation software... This is the go-to.


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#2. NoteFlight (Music notation software review)

Noteflight music notation

Noteflight is another one of the best music notation software.


This one is slightly better to compose music than MuseScore.


If you're just starting off, this music composition software can even teach you how to make your very own music sheet.


If you've never touched sheet music before, so long as you're dedicated...


This is a great music composition software to get your feet wet.


This music writing program can be purchased on a monthly or annually basis.


Noteflight supports multiple file types and it's a great software program to add music notes and export the audio file.


There are even advanced features and additional input tools that you can access when using the premium version.


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#3. Notion 6 (Music notation software review)

Notion 6 Music Notation Software


Notion 6 is music notation software that integrates with Studio One.


I wouldn't say that this is basic music notation software...


There is a slight adjustment curve.


But once you can get used to it, this free music notation software will improve your music composition by a long shot!


I'd say this is the best music notation software if you already use studio one.


Especially if you have a MIDI keyboard, I urge all professional music composers and music producers to add notion six to their workflow.


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#4. (Music notation software review) music composition software


Flat is an extremely collaborative music notation software.


The main thing I really like about flat is the intuitiveness of the program.


You can adjust the reverb levels for all virtual instruments, which is pretty handy when you write music.


The fact that you can import Midea files as well as use Midi and MusicXML files live is a huge plus!


This music writing program is more basic than other music writing programs however that's not a bad thing.


If you just want to create sheet music for free while collaborating this is for you.


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#5. Forte (Music notation software review)

Forte music notation software


Forte is one of the best music writing software for true professionals in the industry.


The reason why this music composition software is so well-liked is that it's designed for both new writers as well as experienced writers.


It's great for creating music sheets and has all the musical notations needed.


the Forte workflow is pretty simple. Just add notes with up to eight staves to create a music piece.


Similar to the other music writing programs, on Forte you can export as MIDI and musicXML files.


This is awesome because the MIDI files sheet music can be transferred onto the other music composition software as well if needed.


Since this supports multiple file types it's awesome for music composers that do musical notation on different devices.


Forte is cool because you can also scan sheet music! Go seek your old sheet music now!


The free version is epic and something you need to get on ASAP!


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LearniNG to write sheet music

What are the best aspects of music notation software is the practicality.


If you want to write music better - sadly there is no shortcut.


You'll have to make a lot of sheet music using different music composition software to get your skills up.



Bonus: Reaper - free music creation software

Reaper Daw music notation software


I would say Reaper is one of the best music writing software (and DAW.)


What you can do with a different music notation software, can be done on Reaper.


Assuming you don't have all the equipment necessary, you can start to compose music using a virtual piano with Reaper.


You can compose music straight from your computer!


If you have MIDI and MusicXML files, ir takes only a moment to connect it with reaper and you're ready to compose music!


You could even use your computer keyboard as a midi keyboard if you don't have one - the graphic files support you when composing music this way.


I understand that most traditional artists want their music composition to be as traditional as possible...


The virtual piano plug-ins you see on reaper are pretty elite.


Couple this with the fact that the free version of river has practically anything that an artist will need:

  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Play music back
  • Volume mixer
  • Built-in instruments
  • Percussion instruments
  • Other advanced features


Reaper DAW tools


Although most DAWs have some sort of music composition software that you can add at a cost, Reaper is totally free.


Assuming you're not just an Internet pirate then THAT alone is worth a lot for an independent musician.


You can add drum loops and use the full DAW user interface in your music creation process!


Music compositions can be made extremely easy along with your instrument sound.


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