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October 18, 2021

Get your Album heard

Which music promotion service is best for you?

There are so many music promotion services online...


You've already read many blogs on music promotion and many reviews for music promotion companies.


But which music promotion service should you trust and use to propel your music career?


All those countless hours can never be brought back BUT at least now you don't have to worry any further :)


You can put all of that behind you.


Here are the best album music promotion services online that you can use today to kickstart your music career.


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I'll start off by sharing the best music promotion services online.


Now you can get acquainted with what the music industry has to offer in terms of music promotion. Here they are below:



Top 7 Free album music promotion services

Fortunately for you, there are album music promotion services out there that are taking in songs for FREE!


That said, I cannot guarantee that these promotion services will promote your music (that depends on how good your new music is.)


It's still worth a shot to try to gain more listeners and more plays with your music.


Since it's free I don't see why it's not worth taking the shot. There is 0% risk.


Here are four of the best music promotion companies to promote your album for free:

  1. Boost Collective
  2. Sidekick Music
  3. Music Gateway
  4. iMusician
  5. Unpause Digital
  6. Playlist Push
  7. Two Story Media


Album promotion services companies


The music business is large and there are many promotion services out there.


The reason why I chose these music promo services is that they're trusted by the majority of indie artists.


You can bet that a few dollars put into these promotion sites will bear a return on investment!



How much will album music promotion services cost you?

Now that you've selected a promotion service for your album the question still remains... How much were these promotion services cost me?


I understand that you want to promote your album however if the promo company is draining your entire budget then it's not a sustainable way to boost your music career and music business.


Fortunately, this is not as big of a problem as you may think when using promotion sites.


The truth is, you only need to promote some of the album's songs on these music promo services.


The cost to promote your album is practically the same as how much it would cost to use independent music promotion for only three or four tracks.


If somebody likes your song and checks out the full album then it pushes some of the promo juice onto the other tracks.


This is called Spotify Cross-Pollination Promotion.


Spotify Cross Pollination Marketing


The best music promotion services will easily be able to accommodate your album promotion needs and push your music career further, so don't worry.


For example: let's say you're putting out a 12 song album and need a Music promotion service to push it forward.


The normal price for independent music promotions will range $40 for two placements per song.


In this case, you can pay $120 of independent music promotions to cover three songs from your album.


Although this small budget won't give you earth-shattering results, it's way better than radio airplay and it's a stable music marketing tactic.


Just remember when using these music promo services that the results are not guaranteed.


Results depend largely on the music style as well as indie artist's music quality.


Just note: if you choose to use Apple Music and TickTock promotion then the prices can vary since those are not the go-to Music marketing channels that many artists go to initially.


Should you use Fiverr music promotion for your album?

I do not recommend getting music promotion services from Fiverr.


Music promotion scams are rampant throughout the music industry whether it's Spotify music promotion or YouTube music promotion.


And the worst part is that Fiverr is a breeding ground for fraudulent music promotion services.


Do not use Fiver


Although I can't say that every music promotion service you find on Fiverr is fraudulent, there isn't any real way to audit each music promotion service...


These campaigns just guarantee streams without further explanation on HOW the process works.


The way Fiverr is designed, you purchase the service and there isn't any direct contact with the promoter.


Due to this lack of contact, there is no transparency and you can't validate and personally see if the Spotify music promotion or YouTube promotion is legit.


Save yourself the headache and use a trusted music promotion service to get your music heard.


Pros and Cons of album promotion

There are benefits and negatives to using indie music promotion.


I think it's important that you as a music artist understand exactly what you're getting into when utilizing the help of Music promotion companies.


The music business is not always so favorable for the artist so I want to make sure that you're equipped with the right knowledge and experience before you hop into any run-of-the-mill music promotion service.


I don't want you to get scammed and worst of all I don't want you to feel like all music promotion companies are fraudulent and stick away from them.


Truthfully you'll be holding yourself back by neglecting a music promotion service so it's important that you know the ins and outs!


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Why you must audit an album music promotion service first

Although I shared the best music promotion services, you still must run an audit before selecting the one that you plan to use.


This is especially important if you want to test these best music promotion services!


Then you must do double the work in auditing each of these services.


Here are the negatives of using a Music promotion service in the music business.

  1. Your music promotion service can be a scam
  2. The music promo services offered by the company may be fake
  3. The professional service might not deliver the results


Dangers and fears of promotion services


These are far too common in the music business.


If your music career has reached any stage of small-time success then you know exactly what these "services" are all about.


Some of these fraudulent services are simply a checkout page and that's it.


Other artists get caught up in the dreams of success and purchase their phony customized services before reading beforehand.


This is a scam both with US-based playlist curators as well as on an international playlists level!



How to audit a music promotion service step-by-step

Now that you understand the importance of auditing the best music promotion services, you now need to know the steps to take to get this audit done.


Here are the bulletproof methods to validate if the music promotion company that you want to work with is the real deal:

  1. They have multiple reviews on the Internet to read
  2. They have some sort of social media presence
  3. You can easily contact the owners of the business
  4. They are transparent in their processes


Audit music promotion agency


Of course, every business and influential publication has the right to manage their affairs as they want to.


Each promotion company has different traditional packages that they use for both small-time as well as exclusively important artists so it's not fair to judge it by the same standard.


That said, it should follow the principles of a sound business and there should be a person accountable to complete the service before you use it.



Trusted album promotion company case study: Boost Collective

An example of a music promotion business that fits the mold is Boost Collective.


They show you their 350+ Spotify playlist that you could potentially get on if you run a campaign with them on the website before purchase.


Why use and trust Boost Collective


This shows you the transparency that they have.


Not to mention the fact that you can easily reach out to them either through their Instagram or via email.


The cofounders personally respond back to you so that's a great sign for a legitimate business.


The final seal is the fact that there are many reviews both good and bad about the company so you know that this is a viable option and that people speak truly when they mention their experiences.



How does album music promotion work in the music industry?

Promoting an album it's not as simple as you think.


To ensure the success of your album music promotion you may have to sacrifice promoting some other album's tracks.


This is a basic promo principle that even the major label uses to promote music - independent musicians absolutely need to follow this as well.


See, the truth is even with the best music promotion services you are going to promote every track on your album.


The way album music promotion works are by choosing three or four of the Best tracks on your album and getting playlist promotion for only those.


What happens is most aspiring musicians don't do this and they try to get indie music promotion for every track on the album.


The truth is that some album tracks are just fillers.


This is the case whether you eat that album is made by small time indie artists or buy top music industry record label artist.



The best method to run an album Spotify promotion

Fortunately, there are music promotion services designed just to promote an album.


Rather than dispersing the album music promotion across different playlists, it is most beneficial to target all of the album music promotion onto the same Spotify playlists.


This event targets the same music fan multiple times and gives reinforcing Spotify data to your Spotify profile.


Run 2 song campaigns for Growth stacking


You'll be surprised by how important retargeting is on the streaming platforms since they work on an algorithm basis feeding repetitive data allows Spotify to index your song properly.


This is how artists such as Katy Perry and many other musicians get promoted onto Release Radar from people who don't even listen to her music.


The algorithm can properly index Katy Perry's type of listeners and then pushed her new music to Brand New fans.


how spotify algo works


Which indie artist would say they don't want this? Not one.


Promote your music today with an album growth stacking campaign now.


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Tips for album promotion success

As mentioned above, when it comes to album music promotion services you only need to push a couple of songs from the album.


This is why you should do flash music promotion for those top songs and make that the selling point when running your album marketing plan.


Good news: here are the best methods to get more plays on your album:

  1. Influential publication blog placements
  2. YouTube music promotion
  3. Spotify playlist promotion
  4. Run ads to your Apple Music profile
  5. Try your hand at radio promotion companies
  6. Classic social media promotion


Music marketing playlists vs running ads


Having your press release and music marketing assets prepared in advance will make the entire process to promote your music much easier.


Although you can promote your music for free, I recommend getting some paid advertising either through Google/Facebook ads or Spotify playlist promotion.


Social media promotion is essential to get heard!


Attention is scarce, not only are you competing against other aspiring musicians but even establish record label music artists are taking all the attention.


You need to put some money behind your music marketing and press release campaigns to get some buzz in this busy busy world!



album promotion vs single promotion

Believe it or not, there is not a big difference between promoting an album and promoting a single.


Just note that some of the best music promotion companies have a specific promotion that is designed just for your album.


For indie music promotion on your album use Boost Collective to get head!


The growth-stacking Spotify playlist promotion campaign is designed to promote more than one song at a time therefore it is the best music promotion service for your album!


Record labels use growth stacking for their hip-hop songs. their playlists are HUGE!


Record label Spotify playlists


Whether you are a medium-sized artist, or you guys are just starting off this is a type of campaign you need for your hip-hop new song.


Other companies are not using Growth Stacking so it's important you go to Boost Collective for this.



Spotify Album music promotion services alternatives

Good news: If you don't want to use one of the Spotify music promotion services online and then you can still promote your album on your YouTube channel.


Playlist Promo on YouTube aint no joke


The great thing about YouTube promotion is that you won't be reliant on music promotion companies.


You can create your very own press packages and try to get press releases for your indie rock music that way.


There exists a community-based service that connects indie rock bloggers together.


Although having a Music promotion service such as boost collective will give you a leg up in optimizing your YouTube promotion ads it isn't 100% necessary!


You can just put your music online and then run ads through Google ad studio.


I recommend that you make a lyric video and then promote it that way on YouTube.


Past clients have seen major success with that method since it's attention-grabbing and really brings a fan in.


I still recommend that alongside your YouTube promotion you also get some Spotify playlist promotion to get a playlist push on your tracks.


Spotify promotion rewards good music artists much more favorably than YouTube does.


To get the best of both worlds you can try to promote every new song on a different platform until you decide which of the music promotion sites work best for you.


You can have the music promoted in more than one way there is no reason to put your music business inside of a box!



Radio promo does nothing for album reach

I'm going to keep it 100% you do not need radio stations and radio airplay to promote an album.


We do not live in the year 2003. Who truly listens to radio stations as a source for new music?


That will give you an extremely low return on your investment because even if these radio production companies are able to get your place it would generally not be during prime time - and the demographic will not fit your music tastes.


Music promoted by radio promotion companies doesn't go anywhere.


That is especially the reason why radio promo it's not as common within the music industry.


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