14 Best Romantic Spotify Playlists to Submit To!

Best Romance Spotify Playlists

7 Awesome Romance Spotify Playlists!

Do you consider yourself a "hopeless romantic"?


Here are the 14 best romance Spotify playlists:


Playlist Name Number of Followers
Old Romance Songs 3,300
Cute Romance Songs 3,300
romance πŸ’– 500

❀️ Sexy Romance Books ❀️

Slow Romance Songs 600
Romance, Love and Wedding Slow Dance 600
Romance And Cigaretted 600
Romance Playlist 1,600
Jules 2,600
Romance Books πŸ’ž 2,900
Romance <3 43
Teen Romance 5,000


These playlists are designed to pull at your heartstrings, make you laugh, make you cry.


If you're in your feels and want something good to listen to... The playlists before are for you.


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#1. Old Romance Songs 😊


Old Romance Songs is just as it sounds... Old songs!


These are the true goldies and I really like them on a rainy day.


My parents enjoy these songs, so you know it's the real deal.


When you want to feel a tinge of nostalgia mixed with love, then this is the playlet for you.


#2. cute romance songs <3


Sometimes you want a love song to pump you up!


Are you thinking of your boyfriend/girlfriend?


In that case, this playlist will give you just that little burst of love to fill your heart up.


I love this playlist so much, and I know that you will too :)


Listen to this playlist and truly dive deep into your heart.



#3. romance πŸ’–


Romance is such a great genre of music.


Sometimes it's sad, sometimes it's happy but one thing that it always will be... Is thrilling.


You'll never be bored if you decide to listen to this playlist.


I highly recommend that you check it out today!



#4. ❀️ Sexy Romance Books ❀️


Here are the sexiest romance songs.


Get your partner, grab some strawberries and get busy. (Don't forget the roses!)


My girlfriend and I especially love this Spotify playlist, it gets the mood right. 


It's a lovely vibe, and I know you're going to love it too.

#5. Slow Romance Songs


The groove and tempo of these songs are much slower than the others...


But don't get me wrong, it's better in a few distinct ways.


Firstly, this playlist is vibey and lets you sink into your lover's arm.


When listening to this playlist, you're feeling the joy and pleasure of true romance!


#6. Romance, Love and Wedding Slow Dance


Did somebody say wedding?


OMG, you need a really good playlet for your wedding, so which one is best for you?


Answer: This one right here!


Impress your mother in law, and crush it with this playlist.


Not only are the songs very romantic, but they are fun to dance to as well. 


It's a two-for-one playlist special!


And if you make music you can submit your song to this playlet below!


#7. Romance And Cigarettes


Remember back in the day...


Those old love movies had a woman smoking a cigarette as part of the aesthetic?


(Think of Pulp Fiction, for example.)


So this playlist takes that moment in time, and makes it easily accessible in musical form!


This is a vintage romance playlist that I know you're going to truly enjoy.


#8. Romance Playlist


Out of all the romance playlists, this is the one with the most basic name.


Don't be fooled though, it's going to hit you right in the feels.


If you are a big fan of Romance books, films and media...


This playlist will fill in the song aspect.


Listen to it all day, and enjoy it to your heart's content.




Here are the best romance songs you will ever hear in your entire life.


I absolutely love these songs, they are some of my all-time favourites.


I urge you to listen to this playlist whenever you want a spark of romance... 


You'll definitely feel it!


#10. Jules


Do you have some good romance books to read?


Do you need some good tunes to listen to as you're reading them?


This playlist is for you!


There is enough instrument that you'll be able to dial out of reality (and right into the book you're facing!)


Take this playlist and use it as a tool to boost your reading, and overall give you a 10/10 experience.


Submit your music to this playlist below!



#11. Romance books πŸ’ž


 Just like the playlist above, this one is for the book nerds out there.


I don't read many romance books, I'll be honest (I know, I'm the devil.)


But I will say, this playlist has a really good listen!


#12. Romance


I present to you... the "Romance" playlist


This Playlist has a simple name, so I put it last to reflect this blog.


I am pretty much all out of words here, just enjoy this playlist and keep staying beautiful.


#13. teen romance



Nothing is better than a teenage romance!


The youth, love, passion and inexperience flowing through your veins and heart.


Whether you're 45 and longing for your lost high school lover...


Or if you're a teenager yourself...


You'll both find happy feelings in this playlist.


#14. romance <3


Have you ever got your heart burned out... And wanted a way to heal?


This romance playlist will give you closure and let you reclaim your inner self.


Take this as a chance to reminisce over your last moments, and feel good that it happened.


Because now... You're only bigger and better things.


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