5 Best Ohio Booking Agents of 2022!

Ohio Booking Agents

Top 5 Ohio Booking Agencies

booking agencies serve as the glue that holds the entertainment business together.
they work by connecting artists with those looking to recruit them.
If you live in Ohio, here are the best booking agents for you!
5 Best Ohio talent agencies:
  1. Taje Music Entertainment
  2. Native Spirit PR & Entertainment
  3. Woodstock Entertainment
  4. Access Entertainment Group
  5. Fly Committee
Booking agencies' primary function is to locate work for its customers, who include actors, authors, directors, sports, and other creative workers.
A competent agent serves as a mentor, supporting a client's career by providing counsel and expertise on topics ranging from creative decisions to public relations and branding.
Booking agencies may be found in New York, London, Beijing, and many other major cities.


#1. Taje Music Entertainment

Taje Music Entertainment


Mail: P.O. Box 17297

Phone: (937) 268-4733

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Contact: bookings@tajemusicentertainment.com


Dayton, Ohio is the headquarters of the entertainment agency.
Taje Music Entertainment is "all about" providing the finest in talent bookings, stage, sound, lighting, and video production.
The agency has been in the music and entertainment industry for 40 years!
We "care about" excellent service, attention to detail, and impressing our customers!
We're event planners and consultants.
We're about to serve our clients with excellent service and "less worry" in organising this crucial occasion!


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#2. Native Spirit PR & Entertainment

Native Spirit Pr & Entertainment

Mail: P.O. Box 74468

Phone: (623) 680-2913

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Contact: contact@nativespirit.com


Native Spirit Public Relations & Entertainment is a full-service public relations firm.
This firm specializes in:
  • PR/communications
  • Marketing
  • Talent booking
  • Management


All of these services are for actors, musicians, authors, artists, entertainers, and enterprises.
Native Spirit PR is dedicated to informing the world about the skills of Native American musicians and entertainers who are sometimes disregarded by mainstream media.
Their programmes are tailored to our clients' specific requirements.
Native Spirit establish reputations, identify brands, and deliver your story to the appropriate audiences.


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#3. Woodstock Entertainment

Woodstock Entertainment


Phone: (440) 520-5986

Location: Cleveland, Ohio


Woodstock Entertainment is a Talent/Booking/Concert Promotion Agency committed to discovering and developing top-tier artists, getting bookings, and marketing events.
Although artists are at the forefront of the entertainment business, many individuals work behind the scenes.
Woodstock Entertainment is in charge of bringing artists and their followers together by organising (and effectively negotiating) live performances and appearances.
They may also be in charge of arranging and coordinating a tour's sequence of concerts.

#4. Access Entertainment Group

Access Entertainment Group


Phone: (614) 599-5298
Location: Grove City, Ohio
Since 1989, Jim Bruce, the firm's creator, has exhibited experience in booking, recording, career development, consultancy, marketing, publicity, media creation, and talent management.
They book national, regional, and local performers for charities, special events, fairs, and festivals in and around Ohio.
Access Ent. take pleasure in being the event planner for charity and special events that connect artists with causes.

#5. Fly Committee

Fly Committee


Cell: (419) 975-8389

Location: Toledo, Ohio
If you enjoy the music scene and enjoy performing live, this may be the firm for you.
They cultivate and maintain connections with concert organisers in order to schedule venues that best display their clients' skills.
Fly Committee will also work with their artist to arrange a contract.
They understand the nuances of negotiations and will work hard to get the best deal possible.
They design timetables and tour itineraries that are financially feasible for the artist, as well as acquire sponsors and book other forms of employment.


Booking agencies conduct a wide range of services for its customers and the agency as a whole.
Because the agency's compensation are based on client profits, locating and creating a steady stream of employment is critical.
Some booking agents specialize on a certain field, such as voice over talent, writing talent, or commercial directing, whilst others cover the entire spectrum.
Top booking agencies exist in all forms and sizes, with agents representing actors, writers, and directors, and frequently putting them together into an agency "package" that can be sold to studios and financiers.

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