5 Best Electronic Spotify Playlists to Submit Music!

5 best electronic playlists


Looking for a good Electronic Spotify playlist?


Well, you're in luck.


5 Best Electronic Spotify Playlists:


Playlist Name Follower Amount
Vibes 2,400
Techno House 2024 32,800
Top Tracks 95,300
EDM Music Hits 11,500
House 2024 89,500



Here are the top 5 electronic Spotify playlists to submit your awesome electronic music to in 2024!


Not only are these curators 100% organic -they built a great audience that wants to discover brand-new electronic music


Unless you can get your music in these electronic playlists...


Then it will be tough to flourish on the Spotify platform.


Now, without further ado.


Let me show you these amazing electronic Spotify playlists to grow your fanbase with!


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Vibes is an awesome electronic Spotify playlist because it has different kinds of electronic sounds.


Here you can find:

  • Dubstep
  • EDM
  • Deep house
  • tech house

it's a galore of great sounds!


Ideally, you want to get in a place like this because of exposure to different audiences.


You can really get heard!




Techno House is a really good electronic Spotify playlist!


This electronic Spotify playlist has top-party hits that you can vibe out to.


It's a wonderful electronic playlist.


When fans want new music for a party or get-together, they're going to put on this electronic Spotify playlist - so by getting a song here, you're getting exposure to multiple people at once!


You'll surely see growth here!


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This curator is a little pickier than the other electronic Spotify playlist curators.


That said, they ensure that the playlist is of HIGHEST quality.


By getting your song placed here, you'll grow your Fanbase and get more listeners on Spotify.


This can then move towards the algorithm and give a nice push


That's why I suggest that submit this electronic Spotify playlist to the list.


It's 100% worth it - take the shot for the sake of Spotify stream growth!





This electronic Spotify playlist is one of my favorites!


Just note that it is a more EDM-specific Spotify playlist - with vocals.


If your son doesn't have that you can still submit...


However, if you have a mixture of melodies of voice as well as harmony of electronic sounds and samples then you are totally qualified to get on this playlist.

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#5. ⭐️ HOUSE 2024 ⭐️


The name says it all -the playlist is titled HOUSE 2024 for freaking crying out loud!


Not only is this playlist pretty large in comparison to other electronic Spotify playlists, it's also extremely active.


This electronic Spotify playlist grows with brand new followers every single day.


You're bound to get a new fan or two when you get places on this playlist.


I enjoy this playlist a lot and it's a great electronic Spotify playlist to promote music on.


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