Top 5 Drill Spotify Playlists To Submit To!

August 24, 2021

5 Best Drill Playlists

Find the best Drill Spotify playlist

Drill music is huge in hip hop and it's only getting bigger!


If you're an artist that makes drill music then these are the five best drill Spotify playlist for you to submit your music to.


There is no guarantee that you'll get placed on a drill hip hop Spotify playlist...


However, if your sound is good enough and you submit music the right way but at least you will get heard!


(Just don't send pop or R-B music!)


Keep in mind that each drill Spotify playlist has a different Spotify playlist Curator-


So it's worth it to submit music two EACH hip hop drill playlist.



#1. Drill Rap


I should start with the classic hip-hop drill Spotify playlist.


Drill Rap is probably one of the best drill Spotify playlists ON THE OPEN APP.


No kidding - the Spotify playlist is full of Bangor upon bangers.


Not to mention how this hip-hop Spotify playlist has a huge listener base too.


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#2. UK Rap Drill & Grime


The Spotify playlist mixes the hip-hop elements of drill music as well as grime music.


Open app and listen to to see just how amazing it is for any hip-hop music artist.


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#3. Yute


"Yute" is a Jamaican term for a young person (youth.)


If you love drill hip-hop and want to submit music to.


Spotify playlist just know it'll be among the other Bangerz!


I recommend if you submit music to this Spotify playlist ASAP!


Slots for the Spotify playlist are filling up fast.


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#4. Australian Rap x Australian Drill


Believe it or not there is a drill hip-hop scene in Australia!


If this all happens to be you then it's worth it to submit music to the Spotify.


Don't worry - Spotify playlists are also about the vibe.


Even if it's not Australian drill hip-hop is still worth it to submit music to the Spotify playlist just in case.


Who knows, if you submit music here you may just get placed!


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#5. UK Drill


Submit music to this hip-hop drill playlist!


It has open slots available and ready to get you hard.

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