Top 10 Organic Spotify Playlist Promotion Services

September 27, 2021

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Best organic Spotify promotion services

It can get tough to advance in the music industry without the help of Spotify music promotion.


There are millions of fans on Spotify, all waiting to find new music.


For you to reach these fans and bless them with your sound, you'll have to rely on the help of organic Spotify promotion services!


There's a list of the 5 best Spotify music promotion brands:

  1. Boost Collective
  2. Unpause
  3. Submithub
  4. Group82
  5. Soundplate
  6. OmariMC
  7. PlaylistPush
  8. SoundCampaign
  9. Daily Playlists
  10. Burstimo

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DIY: submit to Independent Spotify playlists

If you want organic Spotify promotion but don't want to risk fake Spotify plays...


Then you can skip using Spotify music promotion services!


Many artists use Spotify music promotion services since it makes their life much more convenient and helps them advance in the music industry at a faster pace.


But.... If you don't care as much (or if you are just scared of non organic Spotify promotion)


You can strike up Spotify playlist curators yourself and make a deal.


Although this isn't the best strategy if you really want your Spotify monthly listeners to increase at a substantial rate.


It's still pretty decent music marketing for a beginner artist.



Reaching out to curators via DM

Most curators have the same Spotify profile name as well as Instagram name.


All you have to do is search them up on Instagram and you can start your Spotify music promotion service journey!


Reaching out to Spotify curators


Just note that when doing Spotify promo (or Music marketing in general) that you aren't as special as you think you are.


These Spotify playlist curators receive hundreds or thousands of messages from artists that want Spotify music promotion services with them.


There's no need to go all out in your pitch.


Just keep it short and keep it brief, this increases the chance of the curator responding back to you.



Validate the Spotify playlist before buying

Any of these organic Spotify promotion services are pretty amazing.


But still, I recommend you take some time to explore the Spotify music promotion services before using them.


Although I'm assuming you'll get organic Spotify plays from the services...


The music industry is full of scam artists and you never truly know.


Fake and real spotify playlists


That's why I recommend that you use the most trusted organic Spotify promotion for firm (AKA Boost Collective.)


Having done thousands of Spotify promotion packages, we really cracked the code to get you more organic Spotify plays without breaking any rules.


If you truly want to get her through organic Spotify promotion just tap below!





Which service has the most Spotify playlists?

There are many organic Spotify promotion services that you can use to get onto Spotify playlists.


Ideally, you want to use a Spotify music promotion service that has many Spotify playlists.


This way, you can increase the odds of getting accepted.


Not every organic Spotify promotion company lists how many Spotify playlists they have in their inventory.


Submithub and Boost Collective are both Spotify music promotion companies with amazing playlists!


I recommend you use either of these Spotify promotion companies.


The clear difference between Submithub and Boost Collective is the fact that there is a stricter vetting process when it comes to organic Spotify promotion through boost collective.


That is why you'll see thousands on submitting hub where is boost collective Spotify music promotion only has around 350 playlists.


The playlist quality is essential!


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Get heard on Spotify



Test many Spotify playlist promotion services

That being said - there's more than one Spotify promotion company in the music space (duh.)


There's no reason to only use one Spotify music promotion service.


Test them all out and then see which of these organic Spotify promotion services are running the best results.


Sometimes a Spotify music promotion service will run a discount offer thst you should really cash in!


Example: use code TAKE10 to get a discount of 10% on your Spotify playlist promotion through Boost Collective.



Fake vs organic Spotify promotion

Regardless of what people tell you there are many ways to find out if the Spotify music promotion services you're using are legitimate or fake.


In fact, there are many tools that will help you check the validity of the "organic Spotify promotion service."


Spotify playlist growth organic vs fake


It would suck if you spend hundreds on Spotify music promotion just to find out in the end that it was fake all along.


For that reason alone I urge you to stick with only the most trusted Spotify music promotion services - and do your due diligence on top of that!



How to audit a Spotify playlist

There is a free music marketing tool called SpotnTrack - I urge you to use it.


This tool shows you the best Spotify playlists and all of the analytic data that comes with them.


Spot on track


As a small music artist, you can find exactly where the top music streaming playlists is and get the scoop on how this playlist grew.


If you feel like you're getting fake streams, or that it's not real listeners then it's important to check this.


When you do playlist pitching, make sure that you check these three factors of a playlist:

  • Listener location
  • Follower growth
  • Stream count


audit validate fake playlist-1


It's not worth it to expand your monthly listeners if that means sacrificing your artist integrity.


Not to mention, even if you were to get many monthly listeners, Spotify would just end up taking your independent artists' account down!


Don't forget when they purged over 700K+ songs because of bots.


If you see that the Spotify playlist is growing at an odd rate, then you should watch out for it...


Those may not be legitimate promotion services.


Make sure that each playlist for the promotion packages has steady linear growth.


If it spikes and deaths then you're probably getting fake streams already.


You should also check your listener location and see that it makes sense.


If you're getting 50,000 streams from Buffalo with a population of just 200K then it's probably fake streams because that doesn't make any sense.


top fake spotify listener locations buffalo US


A lot of it is also stream count - if the playlist only has 4000 followers and yet you get 2000 streams then that makes no sense.


Common sense matters a lot in this case!



Spotify music promotion expectations

One thing to note about getting your music heard and generating Spotify streams is that...


Organic promotion will get you way fewer Spotify streams than bots.


These bots can deliver results such as 100,000 streams within days...


The only issue is that since this is not organic growth it's not gonna help you find the right listeners through the algorithm, nor will you build any real followers this way.


It's like taking one step forward and three steps backward for your song.


The only way to truly get heard Is through the best Spotify promotion!


It's important that I mention this because many fake Spotify playlist curators run Spotify promo for artists, and so then you may think that that is the base expectation for promotion packages.


Fake Streams on Spotify


I want all independent artists to understand that getting tens of thousands of streams from real Spotify promotion will cost a butt load of cash!


Your music career and music business needs to be built day by day - promotion services can only give you that push.


Unless you feel like your music level is good, then organic Spotify promotion won't help you much.



Building an organic fanbase via promotions

Building fans is the end goal for all music artists!


Fortunately, there are so many potential fans on Spotify - you just need to get on the best Spotify playlists.


The trick is to feed good data to the algorithm of your song.


Many music artists think that Spotify is a media company, in reality, it's also a tech company.


To get your new song heard, plus organic growth - you'll need the help of release radar.


Fortunately, by getting Spotify promotion packages, you're closer to release radar.


good days to release


Getting organic Spotify promo lots of help you with Discover weekly and growing targeted plays!


It's all about data!


Smart artists promote music with popular playlists!


It gives you real streams from new fans!


The reason why Spotify music promotion works best with playlists than ads is because you're getting organic Spotify data regardless.


There are no guaranteed streams however they can be a guarantee for listener data.



Is Spotify music promotion actually worth it?

It's extremely hard to get people to listen to your music.

Should you run ads for your truck?


Do people even care about playlists?


Does an organic Spotify promotion service actually exist?


These are all important questions that every music artist asks while trying to get targeted plays and grow real streams.


Well, I have good news and I have bad news.


First, finding new listeners for your songs is not an easy thing to do because there aren't many places that help artists get heard and build a fan base.


For the most part, you're on the journey to find fans by yourself...


Even if you were to hire a firm or a manager to promote your music to listeners, it's still resting on you to find potential fans.


Playlist results are great


Truly rise and build the right listeners you're going to need the help of real Spotify promotion.


Record labels know the power of Spotify artist promotions, that's why these top record labels own the biggest playlists!


By getting Spotify artist promotions from a trusted Spotify promotion service, you are setting yourself up to get your music heard organically.


The reason why music streaming got so large in the first place is that real listeners listen to playlists throughout their day.


Getting your music in these audiences years will get your real streams it is the best Spotify promotion method out there.



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