Professional Recording Studio: What's The Cost to Build One?

June 25, 2021

Build your music studio


I have good news and I have bad news.


The good news is that building a home recording studio is going to cost you much less than in the past.


The bad news is that a recording studio will STILL break the bank for most indie artists.


Question: Why does it cost so much to get a good sound?


Correct answer: there are many reasons.


Building a home recording studio will cost you - great music and good sound come at a cost!


In the long run, it's better to build a pro studio than to spend money on studio time.


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The recording studio checklist

Here are some things your home recording studio needs:

  • Digital audio interface license (daw software)
  • Virtual instruments (VST)
  • Studio monitors / reference monitors
  • Acoustic panels
  • Acoustic foam
  • Live instruments
  • Sound bass absorbers (in some cases)
  • Dedicated studio space
  • Vocal recording microphone
  • Professional studio headphones
  • Sound recording booth

Studio requires a lot


If you don't have these in your recording studio - it's not a complete one.


No worries though, in this guide I'll break down the recording studio cost!


You'll be able to build your own studio space like a boss - to get the best sound ever.



The Cheapest home studio option

If you want, you can create a recording studio straight from your bedroom.


Exactly how much does it cost to build a professional recording studio?


It depends - how serious are you about doing this full-time?


For example, most indie artists already have a computer.


With that alone, you can get a free digital audio interface (DAW) such as Reaper then you're good to go.


With $100 you'll be able to buy a second-hand MIDI keyboard then you're set.


Then you can invest another $80 in Sennheiser headphones (the quality is not bad.)


Then add a blue snowball mic to the mix (music producers and instrumental musicians don't need this sound equipment)


There you go you just built a recording studio just like that!


You have the basic audio equipment needed:

  • Mic
  • Headset
  • Laptop
  • DAW


Cheap studio essentials


This is barely enough to get you through the door and you can record music to some degree.


Will your music get on the radio?


Not a chance.


Can you kickstart your music industry career?


The correct answer is: Hell yeah!


Studio spaces are everything, so getting yourself in a recording booth and working with audio engineers must become a priority.


Recording sound quality is everything!



The limitations of a cheap studio

The music industry starts in the studio - as any industry pro will say.


Using a professional recording studio would boost your music production skills and increase your Fanbase growth!


See, cheap professional recording studios will not give indie artists all that they want.


If you're a music producer and the goal is simply to make beats you won't be able to get the hard-hitting drums.


You can get by, but not produce the best audio quality.


I think about it - without a decent pair of studio monitors, you're limited!


With cheap recording studios, you can't tell whether the bass traps or lower and frequencies are properly mixed.


Wack bass traps = wack song.


Even in a good sounding room, there's going to be background interference without the best mics.


You can record in a closet as a decent remedy, but it's not the same.


Not to mention, this type of home recording studio will affect you when it's time to master your music.


Professional studios are expensive but not for any reason - the sound produced is legendary.



10 ways to improve your current recording studio

Now, you may not be able to get your brand new professional recording studio, but it's fine.


You can still improve your current home recording studio!


Here are steps to take:

  1. Use a small space to record to stop unnatural reverb (a closet works perfectly for home studios)
  2. Cover yourself with a thick blanket when recording (blocks outside noise in home studios)
  3. Position your monitors at an angle towards you (most studios do this)
  4. Use a small room to control the acoustic treatment better - less is more
  5. Use condenser mics when recording quiet vocals
  6. Get acoustic panels and acoustic foam for your walls (decent ones are pricey but the acoustic treatment is worth it)
  7. Buy used recording equipment.
  8. Rent project studio time in the beginning - studio time helps
  9. Budget studio expenses slowly and set up payment plans with sellers of equipment
  10. record bass notes in an empty garage to save money and get good acoustic treatments



Why do recording studios cost so much?

The truth with recording studio costs is that you pay for what you get.


These big manufacturing brands such as Yamaha and Gibson design their studio equipment for professional studios.


It's made specifically for a sound engineer to mess around with the sound waves.


Branding matters


This studio equipment is made with the highest quality of electrical wiring and engineering so that each frequency has the highest fidelity of music.


Here's a better way of explaining it.


What sounds better and MP3 or a WAV recording?


That's a difference between professional studios with top recording equipment VS unknown brands.


The sound engineer has a better recording process because they can grasp every frequency.



Building your home studio to compete with record labels

Now we wouldn't be able to talk about a professional recording studio if we didn't mention the big boys at Universal Music.


Major recording studios have high-end preamps, microphones, monitors, and booths of course.


Top grade recording equipment


That said, you don't necessarily need all of that to make good music.


With 10-15 thousand dollars you can get these as well.


You don't need fifty thousand dollars to sound good.


Even tens of thousands of dollars is excessive.


Still, how much does it cost to build a professional recording studio to sound like a pro?


This is the price for a top-grade home recording studio according to Kenny beats:



Kenny Beats paid only $3000 but the retail value is $8800.


when you factor in another 1.5 grand to pay for the sound booth and digital audio interface.


This then brings the final recording studio cost to about 10 grand.



How to finance your recording studio cost

Of course, your home recording studio cost is a far cry from cheap.


However, you can finance the recording studio cost over many years.


the average cost to build a ten thousand dollar professional studio is just $278/month for 3 years.


Financing your studio


I don't recommend going into debt so ideally if you can pay the most upfront that'll be worth it.


The smart thing to do is to sell your old equipment for all the new equipment that you buy.


This is what most recording studios do when upgrading.


For example: if you're going to buy $500 studio monitors, you should sell your older pair for $350.


This way the financial burden for your home recording studio is lower.



music industry hack: use your home as studio space to

Using your home as a studio space is the smartest thing you can do!


Your home studio is amazing for these reasons:

  • Pay less rent
  • Pay fewer taxes
  • Instant access to making music


Home studio benefits


When you designate a section of your home as studio space, that can be considered a "home office" by legal standards.


Rappers that own professional studios all do this.


This allows you to write off then be written off as a business expense. Professional studios rock!


Your creative process can just flow. Even if your studio is a 200 square foot room, this still applies.


Not to mention, your home studio equipment and office supplies can be written off as well.


Since the studio space is in your own home, you're not sending your pesky landlord $800 rent every month.


Rather, you can use that to invest in studio equipment upgrades.




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