How to use Garageband to Make Beats!

How to make Garageband beats

Garageband: Phone VS computer PRODUCTION

The hip-hop music production space has changed a lot over the past couple of years.


With new software instruments, it seems new technology allowed music production specialists to create a new way of producing hip hop.


Now you can create a new sound using your iPhone and Garageband!


But wait... Is Garageband on your phone as good as the desktop version?


Garageband phone vs computer


I know what you're thinking about Garageband already:


You can't make good hip-hop Beats in GarageBand iOS since you have limitations for Microphone and monitor setup.


The great part about music is the fact that it evolves!


TAP HERE to EQ your vocals like a boss!


You can create a new method of hip-hop music production.


Less is more - at least when you create beats in GarageBand.


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Tips: create a new style of beats in Garageband

When trying to create a new hip-hop beat on Garageband there's one thing you cannot forget:


#1. Less is more


Just because hip-hop music production is more complex... That doesn't mean that the end product will be better.


Garageband VS FL studio beat simplicity

When using Garageband, you have a loop browser and multiple tools to help you make beats easily.


The smart thing to do is to put together a new project with deliberate elements rather than experimenting.


Here is an example of an artist who found a way to create a new hit record using GarageBand!


How Steve Lacy made beats in Garageband

With the rise of hip-hop star Steve Lacy - many hip-hop music production nerds are starting to see that making beats in GarageBand may be a viable option!


One of the largest known songs made using Garageband is RYD/DARK RYD:


It was made using loops and beats in Garageband!


The artist would make beats and use software instrument VSTs that came with the app.


Here is what Steve Lacy has to say when you create a new song with Garageband:


Do you make good music with Garageband?
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Garageband is perfect for hip-hop beats

The stock drum kit you find in Garageband is actually pretty good.


All the software instruments don't sound very different from what you'll see in other DAWs.


A cool thing about music production through GarageBand is the fact that you can make beats both on your phone and your computer.


This is what makes a GarageBand stand out.


You can assemble the simple beat with a drum kit, and snares, then add rough vocals.


This low-level music production can be done on your phone and once it sounds decent, take it to your computer for further mixing in mastering.


Nothing is sadder than when you create a new beat in your head but don't have your computer around...


At least with Garageband you can make beats and have a place to store them.


Using stock GarageBand tools to make hip-hop beats

Making beats is pretty easy when you use the Garageband tools.


Garageband is not lacking compared to other DAWs.


What GarageBand tools do I need to succeed in making beats?


Use these production tools on Garageband iOS and Mac OS:

  • Musical typing
  • Standalone audio track
  • Loop Browser
  • New project autosave
  • Record button for vocals
  • Software instrument (VST)

Garageband benefits


The interface for making beats is pretty simple:


To get started with making beats on Garageband, just watch the simple tutorial:




Hip-hop loop kits in Garageband

To make kick-ass beats on GarageBand you have to get into the Loop Kits game.


GarageBand, fortunately, has a drummer track - it's a special stem track designed for you to add different drums.


Ideally, you should use a drum kit and then have a separate drummer track in the back.


This allows you to sample drums from different Garageband software instruments.


Garageband loops


For example: you may want to pair a really hard 808 drummer track with classic 90s nails and hi-hats.


Hip-hop is extremely versatile and Garageband does a great job at accommodating the tools for you.


There is a loop browser that allows you to find new kids to add to your new project.


Not to mention Garageband has a drum kit purchase page or you can get more software instruments if you'd like!


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