How to Turn Off Touch Sensitivity in GarageBand!


Turn Off Touch Sensitivity on GarageBand

What is Velocity sensitivity?

If you're having trouble locating the velocity sensitivity settings in GarageBand, I'll teach you how in this blog.
What is Velocity Sensitivity?
Velocity Sensitivity is how hard each MIDI input will be when using Garageband. The higher the sensitivity, the louder and faster the input is. You want to find a sweet-spot that feels natural to you.
5 Easy steps to change Garageband Velocity Sensitivity:
  1. Go to preferences
  2. Click "General"
  3. Click on the "Touch Bar" option
  4. Tap track controls
  5. Tap "Touch Speed Sensitivity" and select either on or off


For more in-depth, keep reading this article.

Firstly, watch the video below for a live tutorial. 👇

What's the purpose of velocity sensitivity?

What Is Velocity Sensitivity
Touch-sensitive keys are inspired by the world of acoustic and grand pianos.
These instruments' hammers strike a string, generating vibrations that produce sound. 
Musicians like velocity sensitivity because it mimics the dynamics of a true instrument.
Sensors are used instead in electronic instruments to record the speed at which keys are pressed.
The first sensor detects which key is pushed, while the second detects how quickly it is released, calculating the speed and translating it into a louder or softer sound.
The harder you push the keys, the harder the hammer strikes the string and the louder the music. 

How to Change Velocity Sensitivity (2 ways)

If you're in the track view, as we are, you'll observe that velocity sensitivity is missing.
There are two ways yo turn off Velocity Sensitivity:
  1. Track settings
  2. Smart controls
So if you're trying to dial it in, on Track Settings you've got quantization, ransposition and recording... But no velocity sensitivity.
Change Garageband Velocity Sensitivity in Track Settings
But if you push the instrument symbol, bam, there's our velocity sensitivity.
To begin, go to settings and then track settings within GarageBand or the home screen.
Once there, seek for the "Touch Sensitivity" option and press it once.
GarageBand Change Instrument Sensitivity
The layout can look different based on which version of GarageBang you're using, but don't worry.
It's going to look similar enough where you can follow along :)
This will bring up a menu with three options:
  • "Disable Touch Sensitivity"
  • "Enable Touch Sensitivity"
  • "Always Enable Touch Sensitivity"
Select "Disable Touch Sensitivity" or "Enable Touch Sensitivity" if you want to continue using your smartphone without any more unpleasant sensitivities on GarageBand.
We can dial it in from high, which means we get a lot more range if we hit harder, or soft, which is less loud, or off.
This means no matter how hard we strike, it'll be the same volume.
The lower your Garageband Velocity Sensitivity is, the more static it is. 



Locating The Velocity Sensitivity Option on Garageband


How to Find Touch Velocity Sensitivity on GarageBand

There we may adjust our velocity sensitivity or turn it off.
3 ways to turn off Velocity Sensitivity:
  1. Open Garageband
  2. Locate the instrument view
  3. Change your Velocity Sensitivity range


This will happen through track settings on Garageband iOS.


The problem is that when we look at that menu in our track view, it isn't there, so all you need to know about velocity sensitivity...
Is that if you want to enable it or adjust it, make sure you're in your instrument view, and the velocity sensitivity will appear.

GarageBand iPad: Change Touch Sensitivity with Smart Controls

How To Change Touch Sensitivity on Garageband


Select the smart controls circular symbol beside the scissor icon to reveal the keyboard sensitivity slide.
This will allow you to see the screen with the virtual piano/instrument, as if you are ready to record. 
Then navigate to the track settings.
The best technique to disable touch sensitivity is to change the velocity sensitivity.
The video below explains it in literally 10 seconds. 👇


Also, if you wanted there is a simple method to disable the app's touch keyboard button, which allows you to create tunes without using a midi keyboard!


GarageBand Forever


The nicest part of GarageBand is that you can learn it for free even if you are a complete beginner.
On GarageBand, there are several options for adjusting velocity sensitivity and turning off touch sensitivity.
Apple provides a helpful online lesson in GarageBand to assist you learn more about the free tool.
GarageBand is a user-friendly programme that allows you to compose music.
Free and simple to use, with features such as touch track controls, choose track controls, and a mixing unit audio recorder.
It's a whole recording studio right in your Mac, replete with instruments, guitar and voice presets, and an astonishing variety of session drummers and percussionists.
GarageBand works with the MacBook Pro's control bar, allowing you to perform and record musical instruments with the Touch Bar.


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