High Sierra Music Festival (Tickets & Info!)

High Sierra Music Festival

What to Expect at the High Sierra Music Festival

If you've been to a music festival before, you know what to expect...


But the High Sierra music festival is not the same as other festivals.


You'll want to know what to expect from High Sierra such as:

  • What to do late night

  • Concerts to expect

  • Business opportunities

  • How to make friends

  • Food venues


Basically, there are a few things to learn about these epic four days!


The High Sierra Music Festival is loaded with he grandstand stage and good music.


Even before the music starts, you will meet many different kinds of people...


Some good, some bad, and some grim.


There will be super-fans who come the day before and stay the whole weekend, people who come on Friday but leave on Saturday, and casual concertgoers who come on Saturday and leave on Sunday.


You'll even run into (or are one of) the people who have never been to a festival.


This cohort just wants to enjoy the music and the atmosphere without any real plans or expectations.


Let's dive deep into all the wonderful services offered at the High Sierra Music Festival!




Making friends in high sierra

High Sierra Music Festival making friends


Since the High Sierra Music Festival is located in the Bay Area, you'll see California music fans.


I hope you're ready... These music festival goers aren't the same as Burning Man.


The festival grounds are full of people and things to do.


People will be everywhere: on the lawn, at the primary stage, in the beer gardens, in the food courts, at the merchandise stands, and in the VIP lounges.


You'll have the chance to meet people from all over the world and all walks of life.


Most people will be friendly and happy to talk to you.


Even if you don't talk to anyone, you'll still have a good time.



Schedule of Events for festival goers

High Sierra Music Festival Schedule


There are many different kinds of music and activities for people of all ages at the High Sierra Music Festival.


There's something for everyone, no matter what they're in the mood for.

  1. Main Stage: The main stage is the most important part of the festival, and it's often where the most famous artists play. Most of the big-name acts usually play on the stage.

  2. Kids Stage: Parents should bring their children to the Kids' Stage. Young music fans can enjoy the festival in a safe and fun place.

  3. Outdoor Cinema: An outdoor cinema is a great place to sit back, relax, and watch a movie. At night, the movies are shown on a big screen outside.

  4. Wine Tasting: Wine lovers will really enjoy the wine tasting at the festival. You can try different wines, find out more about them, and talk about them with other wine lovers.

  5. Outdoor Stage: The outdoor stage is a great place for people who want to get out and dance a bit. There's a large community here!


It's usually where more artists who play electronic dance music (EDM) play.


The High Sierra Music Festival goes into the late night and has a better community than Burning Man!


The High Sierra Music Festival weekend is a wonderful experience for your entire family.


This business plans a large party hall and camp.


Ticket Options and Costs

High Sierra Music Festival Tickets & Info


Depending on which day you want to go to the festival, you may have different ticket options.


The earlier you buy your tickets, the less you'll have to pay for them.


I really recommend that you get the High Sierra tickets and services early. so you can access relevant services.


The prices below are accurate as of January 2022, but they may change:

Here are the prices for the tickets:

  1. General admission for one day is $199.99

  2. VIP admission for one day is $499.99

  3. General admission for two days is $279.99

  4. VIP admission for two days is $699.99

  5. General admission for three days is $359.99

  6. VIP admission for three days is $799.99


Moons ago the prices were lower... So get it ASAP.


You have the freedom of location, can engage with the community, and move from dance house to house.


The location for this event is almost always in the same scene/venue so you can manage your hotel and bookings in advance.



what to bring to the High Sierra Music Festival?

If this is your first time at the High Sierra Music Festival then there are a few things to know.


Things to bring to the High Sierra Music Festival:

  • Cash: Many shops will only take cash.

  • Shoes: sandals or boots won't cut it

  • Food: You can't bring food into the festival, but there are options outside the festival.

  • Bandanas: You can use them in a lot of different ways.


The festival takes place over a large area, so to check out all the bands you'll need some footwear to cover the course ground.


You must bring enough cash to manage the event.


The sweet spot is $100/day per person.


This may sound expensive, but the event venue has many shops to check out (as a break from reality!)


The larger the group, the less you'll pay to check out different media stalls.


You never know when a friend might want to borrow a pair of headphones, so bring that too!


It may not seem relevant since so many songs are playing, but you may want a way to drown out the noise.


Finally, never underestimate the use of a bandana.


Tips for Enjoying the Festival Experience

How to enjoy a music festival


You'll want to party hard at High Sierra!


Here's some relevant tips to give everybody a good time:

  1. Stay hydrated. You might think you'll drink enough at the festival, but it's easy to forget

  2. Stay Healthy: Some people are more likely than others to get sick at music festivals

  3. Take pics: you may want to share on Facebook and social sites

  4. Get a lot of rest. You'll want to be well-rested for the festival

  5. Stay Positive: It's easy to get caught up in the busyness of the festival

  6. Be Yourself: The festival is a great place to just be yourself


If you're coming to a large party or even by yourself... You'll want to Facebook each moment.


If you fit into one of these groups, make sure you take care of your health.


During the week before the festival, make sure you get enough sleep.


Bring things to clean up with because you will get dirty at the festival...


In the beginning, you may overlook the value of a towel, but anybody can need it.


Bring cleaning supplies with you to make sure you're ready for this reality!




At the High Sierra Music Festival, you can take it easy, listen to great music, and meet new people.


Do you want to party in a hot community in a nice town?


If you're dedicated to High Sierra, you'll want this for yourself!


You'll be able to try new things, spend time outside, and learn more about yourself.


The High Sierra Music Festival has something for everyone, whether you like music, like going out at night, or just want to try something new.


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