Gasparilla Music Festival: Tickets & Info!

Gasparilla Music Festival

What is the Gasparilla Music Festival?

When it comes to music festivals... Tampa's Gasparilla is up there with the finest of them.


Tampa Bay is home to many one-stage events and this one is insane!


More than 70,000 people are expected to attend Gasparilla Music Foundation over three days.


Thus making Gasparilla Music Fest a fantastic chance to watch some of your favorite singers play live while also discovering what makes this city so unique.


If you're chilling in Florida then these are stages you need to hit!


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How to get Gasparilla festival tickets?

Gasparilla Music Festival Buy Tickets


Fest tickets are available at a few different price points.


Just because you pay more, doesn't mean you'll get a better seat.


Different ticketing services offer variable prices.


You can purchase Gasparilla music festival tickets on:



Check each page for the October shows.


Generally speaking, ticket prices decrease the more in advance you purchase them...


However, the cost will increase the longer you wait.


If you already live in FL and know the dates, then purchase tickets as soon as possible!


VIP packages are also available, which get you access to restricted areas.


VIP Experience & Event Info!

The True VIP Experience


To save money, it's better to get your ticks ahead of time, since they will rise as the festival date

draws near.


Gasparilla Music Fest VIP Tickets are available on their website as early as October.


As for the actual event, it will begin each day at midday and go until late!


If this will interest you, check out


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Where is the Gasparilla music festival?

Where is Gasparilla Music Festival



Gasparilla Music Festival is located in Curtis Hixton Waterfront Park, Florida.


Since it's taking place in February, expect the weather to be nice!


FL is known for being warm, so dress for the weather.


Curtis Hixton Waterfront Park is a large open space, so you have lots of walking room.


Since there's music of different genres - you can explore it.


Check the announced weather in advance so you know how to dress.


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How Gasparilla supports music education

Gasparilla Music Education


Gasparilla Music Festival donates to a non-profit organization called Recycled Tunes.


Schools in the Tampa Bay region have struggled to maintain their music programs as the COVID-19 epidemic has spread...


Usually, there are programs on Saturdays, but students need something for after school.


David Cox, the organization's executive director, has expressed concern that funding for the arts

is inadequate...


That's why Gasparilla is taking a portion of trapping and donating!



Gasparilla Music Fest: Past Lineup

Gasparella Music Festival Past Lineup


Enjoy live performances by some of your favorite bands at the Gasparilla Music Fest!


Here are past Gasparilla Music Fest performers:

  • The Aces - 2022

  • Black Puma - 2022

  • Mod Sun - 2021

  • Visit Neptune - 2021

  • De La Soul - 2021

  • Brandi Charlie - 2021


From February 25-27, over forty-five bands will play at Curtis Hixon Park.


You shouldn't miss out on what is perhaps the finest music event in Tampa.


This event is a fantastic chance to see some of your favourite bands play live and learn more

about what makes this city unique.


You shouldn't miss out on what is perhaps the finest music event in Tampa.


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