Best Live Looping Softwares for Live Performing Musicians

Photo Credits: Amsterdam Dance EventPhoto Credits: Amsterdam Dance Event

What Is Live Looping?

Live looping in music is a technique where layers of music are recorded and played back in real time during a performance. It allows musicians to create complex arrangements by building percussive and melodic layers on the fly.


Live looping can be done using hardware looping pedals, looping software on laptops, or looping apps on smartphones and tablets. Artists like Ed Sheeran, KT Tunstall, and Walk off the Earth have popularized live looping in their live performances, showcasing its versatility and creative potential.


This technique requires skill in arrangement, execution, and coordination, enabling solo musicians to produce a band-like sound and engage their audience with dynamic and immersive performances.

Introduction to Live Looping Software

Live performing musicians can elevate their solo performances by incorporating live looping software.


These tools provide a simplified dashboard and enable musicians to add sound effects, loop sounds, layer tracks, and create drum sequences. By harnessing the power of looping, musicians can create a fuller and more dynamic sound on stage.



Top Freeware Live Performance Software Tools


LiveLoop: The Professional Looping Software

LiveLoop is a versatile digital audio workstation (DAW) specifically designed for live music performance. Developed by Josep Garcés, a multi-instrumentalist performer and composer, LiveLoop offers a range of comprehensive features and limitless control over each loop.


Features and Functionality

LiveLoop stands out for its intuitive functionality, providing full stage control and customizable software.


It offers multi-layered looping, allowing musicians to create intricate arrangements. The software supports plugins like VST and M4L, expanding the creative possibilities for users.


MIDI Controllers and Customization

LiveLoop allows users to easily connect their preferred MIDI controllers, enabling seamless integration with their live performance setup.


This feature enhances the control and flexibility for musicians during live performances. It's also what makes LiveLoop standout arguably the best live looping software. Users can customize their MIDI mappings according to their specific needs.


Syncing Options and Time Signatures

To ensure precise synchronization, LiveLoop offers syncing options using Ableton Link & MIDI Clock technology.


This allows musicians to synchronize their loops with external hardware or software, creating a seamless and cohesive performance The software also supports different time signatures, enabling musicians to experiment with complex rhythmic patterns.


The LiveLoop Community

LiveLoop has garnered a strong community of users, including well-known artists. Musicians can connect and engage with the LiveLoop community through YouTube and Telegram channels.


This provides opportunities for collaboration, sharing ideas, and learning from other live performers!


Serato DJ Lite

Serato DJ Lite is a professional DJ software that offers versatile features for live performances. It allows DJs to mix and blend tracks seamlessly, control effects, and create smooth transitions.


The software provides an intuitive interface with easy-to-use tools, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced DJs.


With Serato DJ Lite, musicians can elevate their live performances by incorporating looping and effects into their sets, enhancing the overall experience for their audience.



Circular Labs Mobius

Circular Labs Mobius is a powerful software for real-time audio loop creation. It surpasses traditional hardware loopers with its extensive features and flexibility.


With 8 synchronized stereo loopers, Mobius allows musicians to create complex and layered loop arrangements. It supports MIDI and keyboard control, enabling users to have precise control over their loops.


The software can be used as a standalone application or as a plugin in popular digital audio workstations (DAWs), making it a versatile tool for live performances and music production.



Harvest Mini

Harvest Mini is a MIDI sequencer specifically designed for creating drum beats. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows musicians to program drum patterns and sequences with ease.


With its intuitive controls, users can adjust parameters like velocity, timing, and pattern length to create unique drum sequences. Harvest Mini also offers a variety of drum sounds and allows users to import their own samples.


This software is a valuable tool for musicians looking to incorporate dynamic and engaging drum beats into their live performances.



Giada Music Giada

Giada Music Giada is a versatile MIDI and audio looper software. It enables musicians to loop and manipulate audio samples, MIDI patterns, and live inputs in real time.


With Giada, users can create layered compositions, trigger samples on the fly, and experiment with different effects and processing options.


The software offers a straightforward interface and supports various MIDI controllers, making it suitable for live performances and studio productions. Giada Music Giada empowers musicians to explore new sonic possibilities and unleash their creativity.




Mixxx is a comprehensive DJ software that provides a wide range of features for live performances. It offers precise control over tracks, allowing DJs to beat-match, mix, and blend songs seamlessly.


Mixxx supports various DJ controllers and timecode vinyl/CD control, providing a customizable and professional DJing experience.


The software also includes effects, samplers, and a built-in music library management system. With Mixxx, musicians can deliver captivating and energetic live sets, while having access to essential tools for creative mixing and performance.



Trackbout Ripchord

Trackbout Ripchord is a helpful tool for musicians looking to simplify chord playing.


It is a MIDI plugin that allows users to trigger chords by pressing a single key on their MIDI controller. With a comprehensive chord library and customizable settings, Ripchord makes it easy to play complex chords and progressions without extensive keyboard knowledge.


Musicians can use Ripchord in live performances or during music production to quickly experiment with chord progressions and find inspiring harmonic ideas. This software streamlines the chord playing process, saving time and enhancing creativity.



Incorporating Live Looping in Performances

Live looping has become popular in modern music performance due to its ability to create captivating and unique loop effects.


It allows musicians to continuously play music without external input, offering various creative possibilities.


Live loops can serve as a background palette, connecting different songs, or as prominent and grating sounds.


By mastering live looping techniques, musicians can create engaging and immersive performances.



History and Popularity of Live Looping

The concept of live looping originated during the reel-to-reel era, with artists experimenting with tape loops to create unique sounds.


The development of affordable loop pedals, such as the Boss RC-1 Loop Station, made live looping accessible to a wider audience.


Today, live looping devices like the Boss RC-30 and Line 6 DL4 offer enhanced loop memory and effects, further popularizing live looping among solo artists and bands.



Recommended Live Looping Devices

For musicians interested in incorporating live looping into their performances, recommended devices include the Boss RC-1 Loop Station, Boss RC-30, and Line 6 DL4.


These devices offer ample loop memory, effects, and intuitive controls, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced loopers.




Live looping software provides live performing musicians with powerful tools to enhance their solo performances.


Whether through freeware options like Serato DJ Lite or advanced software like LiveLoop, musicians can unleash their creativity and create captivating loop effects.


By incorporating live looping techniques into their performances, musicians can elevate their music to new heights, captivating audiences with intricate arrangements and immersive soundscapes.


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