5 Reasons Independent Artists Need Music Promotion Companies

artist assitant

Why do i need an artist assitant?

You've been there.

You're chilling in your bedroom, staring at your blank computer screen and thinking back to yourself:

"Damn... how can I make this dream of mine a reality."

One of the hardest parts we face as musicians is trying to communicate and share our music on a large scale.

It feels that even as time passes, there isn't much success in this aspect.

It seems every day we're faced with:

  • Rejection when sharing music
  • Lack of confidence in growing
  • No real results, only momentary growth then it stagnates
  • Wasted time, hours of work without result
  • Much much more


An artist assistant helps navigate the troubling music industry.

There are so many obstacles we run into. Thankfully, Artist Assistant can solve many! 


I want to let you know that this isn't your fault though, the problem is you don't have the help you need (at least just yet.)

Doing big things requires big work. Expecting all this from one person is a little too much!

For you to see real changes in your fanbase, streams, and career as a whole, you must build a team!

With the help of an artist assistant, you can finally get all the priority tasks done to ensure your music's success.

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Would you rather be a music artist or a music promoter?

I know it sounds like a dumb question with an obvious answer, but it's messier than you may think.

You don't want to wear too many hats, as an artist your main focus should be creating music.

No artist wakes up and says, "How can I make sure my music NEVER gets heard? I want NOBODY on this planet to hear it!"

The idea is to share it with the world!

This is why you choose to go through the pains of learning how to promote your music and put it on the right path to music success.

But as you now realize... Getting on the right track proves to be more difficult than you thought.

Not to mention, finding the best ways to promote your music is even harder now than ever!

The music industry competition grows fiercer by the second. Standing out from the huge music crowd seems impossible to do.

To see real growth you must first ask yourself, "Am I really doing the best thing for my career?"

Right now you're starting off good, working hard, and seeing improvements day by day... but this pace isn't enough for optimal results.

The idea is to create a system for rapid growth so you can place your main focus on music creation.

Before we get into that, you need to be aware of the common music industry myths.

These common myths cause misinformation for artists. By knowing them you will make more strategic choices.

Let's address These common music industry Myths

So, what are you doing this weekend?

When you describe a great weekend it might consist of

  • Making good music,
  • Spending time with the family
  • Kicking back with close friends, right?

(At least that's how I describe it, haha.)

Sometimes though... these things aren't possible when trying to juggle your music career in this modern day!

The truth is, the music industry has changed so much in these past years.

These changes came with some positives and negatives.

On the bright side, there's more freedom than ever before! This also means the majority of the responsibility to get ahead falls in your hands.

Artist Assistant gives you the pro's and removes cons of music industry.

You win some, you lose some. To win more and lose less make sure you get Artist Assistant!

Have you ever noticed that a huge chunk of your time is no longer invested in making better music?

Instead, it's a bunch of smaller yet also important tasks for career progress.

This weekend alone, you may need to stay up another hour or try squeezing in some extra time to meet your music goals. 

Important tasks such as getting on playlists, making cover art, getting gigs, etc. take a lot of time and nitty-gritty effort.

Without it how can you build a successful fanbase? There's a whole bunch of work that needs to be done!

See, that's not correct. The problem is...you're looking at it the wrong way. Here are the myths

Myth #1 - "It's better to figure it all on your own"

Let me ask you... Do you believe this?

This is the biggest lie out there and I'm surprised music artists still mention this.

Let's look at it logically,


When chasing your dreams you need to go beyond what's currently possible. You're breaking down obstacles and overcoming boundaries to get your music heard!


The problem is... How far can you go if you only rely on your skills?

The difference between successful and failing artists lies in the ability to work as a team.

Drake and Post Malone are not trying to figure it all out on their own.


If they were, we would never have heard of them because they would still be trying to figure it out.


Top artists have assistants. You should too!

Drake only needs to focus on the music, the rest is taken care of by his assistants (producers, promoters, designers, etc.)


The music industry is overwhelming!

A huge part of growing is getting help from others, especially for tasks that you aren't skilled at.


There are far too many tasks that need to get done and trying to figure it all alone leads to painful burnout.


You might be thinking, "That's cool, but none of this is available to me. They have huge record labels backing them up!"

Indeed, you may not have Mr. Record Label backing you (it would make your job much easier!)


Fortunately, you can still get a team to assist you with the technical aspects of your music career.

This leaves you the top priority to make good music.


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Myth #2 - "If I invest more time into it, I will see more growth"

You can buy a clock, but you can't buy time.

How would you feel if you had a spare 5 hours a week to work on your music career?

Sounds amazing... but it's not much better.

Sure, I do agree that more time invested is better, but it's only with the condition that you make good use of the time.

At the end of the day, everybody runs on the same 24 hours so you mustn't look at it like you need MORE time.

Rather, you need to better manage and leverage your time.

The best way is the 80/20 rule.

The 80/20 rule states that you should cut the 80% of tasks you aren't good at, and then put all your efforts into that remaining 20%.

A key example of this is your music marketing and PR.

You didn't enter the music game as a professional marketer, so why focus on something you know you aren't good at?

In the same 24 hours, you can expand your fanbase further with a support team of artist assistants than by yourself.

Working with an experienced team leads to more success in getting your music heard. Think about it, these people do it for a living!

Myth #3 - I can learn it all on my own, then I will succeed

There is no university for music success.

The closest best thing is teaching yourself online. Are you planning on going this route?

Well, I hope you have your laptop or phone ready because there are thousands of hours of video tutorials and articles out there!

As you keep learning things you will realize how little you know.

Worse, how little you can apply yourself. (This is often referred to as the Dunning Kruger effect.)

The reason you shouldn't strive to learn every little thing is that you often can't execute it.

The Dunning Kruger, and why you need Artist Assitant.

Ahh, this old thing. Learning is extremely difficult, try to avoid spending time with menial tasks if possible! Sure, you can know what makes a good promotion but does that mean you can design and create the campaign.. from scratch?

Diving too deeply into the technical tasks gets in the way of improving your music and brand.

Would rather focus on sending emails instead of making new music?

The idea is to learn the main gist between high-quality and low-quality work for each task. This way you can delegate these tasks to an expert for real effects and confidence.

Ever heard of the 10'000 hour rule?

It means that it takes 10 thousand hours to get good at something.

I'm not exactly sure how accurate that is but there is a lot of truth out there.

The best artists understand this so they have professional assistants.

Not only are you competing with your schedule but also against the competitor's pros!

Delegate tasks to your Artist Assitant!

It's extremely difficult to grow all by yourself. These tasks take time to complete!

You need to pull out more ammo to compete on a large scale.

Getting professional assistance is the sure-fire best way to stay above the competition.

This leads to getting your music heard, building a fanbase faster, and seeing a jump in streams.


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